Filezilla file manager. How to use Filezilla?

There is a certain set of programs that every webmaster needs for convenient work with his resource.

There is a lot of software for working with sites, and the main program, without which it is definitely not an FTP client. It is needed to quickly and easily navigate to the site directory, without using the file manager on the hosting.

Introducing useful software for bloggers, we have already mentioned the Filezilla file manager. This is a free utility that is installed on the computer of every experienced webmaster.

With it, you can create a connection to the site directory once and then easily transfer files between the hosting and the computer.

Filezilla file manager. How to use Filezilla?

FileZilla is a free FTP client

You can download Filezilla from the official developer site. The utility is no different from the usual software, installed and running as standard in any OS.

In addition to being free, this file manager has other advantages:

  • there is a Russian version of Filezilla;
  • a simple and convenient interface;
  • Connection Manager;
  • You can set the transfer rate;
  • Restore file transfer, when opened;
  • Proxy support.

Today, this program is one of the most popular FTP managers, and it comes in handy not only to webmasters. When working with files on a computer, it will also be convenient for you to transfer files from different directories.

Filezilla has a main competitor - Total Commander, another free FTP client, which also has many advantages.

In general, the use of file managers is wide, so they need to be installed on each computer .

How to use Filezilla?

After the standard installation and opening, in order to connect to the site directory, go to the host manager. After that, the connection tree will open and in the right part, you can enter the login information:

Filezilla file manager. How to use Filezilla?

Click "New Site" and then enter the user name, password, host and port. The name and password are the same as for the login to the hosting. Check the host and port with your host, try to find information in your account.

By connecting once or keeping the connection, you enter the directory and watch the split interface:

Filezilla file manager. How to use Filezilla?

Here you can choose any location on your computer and a folder on the hosting after which it is convenient to transfer any data. Unlike regular downloads, everything here is much faster, safer, and when errors occur, a resume is performed, i.e., you will not need to transfer files again.

Start using a simple software for webmasters today, because it is free and increases the comfort and speed of working at the computer. Filezilla has millions of users all over the world, which is not surprising; you just can't do without this utility when working on a PC.

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