Feature Points - an app for earning on the phone

Almost all the ways to make money in RuNet came to us from abroad, where the world wide web is developing much faster.

Earnings on installing mobile applications is no exception. Today many different programs are distributed in which it is proposed to install programs and games for money, including foreign ones.

is an app for making money on the phone through which you can earn money. Unlike many services that work in RuNet, here you will be available to many different tasks, and you will be able to withdraw the money received, in a lot of different ways.

Feature Points - an app for earning on the phone

How to make money on Feature Points?

This app can be found on Google Play, it is free and takes up little memory . Unfortunately, there is no Russian version, but it's not difficult to deal with the interface. After installing it on your phone or tablet, the login window opens:

Feature Points - an app for earning on the phone

The easiest way is to log in with Google+ or Facebook. Immediately after this, you will see a list with tasks:

Feature Points - an app for earning on the phone

For their installation, FP will be credited to your balance - this is a special currency that can be exchanged in the future. Performing tasks is simple, click on any of the tasks, install the application, open it, then return to the Feature Points to make sure that the money is credited to your account.

This program has many tools and settings, but not to get confused, use only the first two tabs. The first one is shown in the image above, and there is a list with tasks on it. The second one is designed for withdrawal of funds:

Feature Points - an app for earning on the phone

We remind you that the service is foreign, therefore you will not find Webmoney, Yandex among the withdrawal methods. Money or QIWI. But, you can withdraw funds to PayPal, Steam account, Google Play, Itunes, and even get a coupon for an Amazon discount. In front of each option, it is indicated how many FPs need to dial to select a prize.

It’s not hard to earn with Feature Points, despite the fact that the Russian version of this application does not exist. If you are interested in this option of making money on the Internet, be sure to read about Earnings from Apptools and Goappcash.

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