FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

In Forex, many users want to start earning, but for this exchange to become a stable source of profit, it will be necessary to sort out trading and find a decent starting capital.

If you do not want to study and look for money, use alternative methods that do not involve conducting transactions.

How to make money on Forex without trading? Investing in PAMM accounts is not the only way to make a profit from Forex without buying a currency. You can use affiliate programs, attracting people to the sites of various brokers and profit from their transactions and deposits.

FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

The project is closed

FBS Affiliate Program

Of the best Forex brokers, FBS offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Here you can receive up to $ 80 from one transaction of the attracted client, it is allowed to invite traders by any means and a wide range of promotional materials is available.

In addition, the affiliate program has other advantages:

  • do not need investments for earnings;
  • simply opening a partner account;
  • the reward from the referral transaction comes the next day;
  • minimum salary to the conclusion of $ 1;
  • multilingual of those. support;
  • personal manager for each partner;
  • favorable conditions for partners;
  • promotions are held and bonuses are issued.

It is very convenient that on the FBS website you can calculate the possible profit using a special calculator:

FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

As you see, by inviting 100 referrals who will be in a day to spend at least one transaction in excess of $ 50, your monthly income will be $ 2000. Practice shows that $ 50 transactions are conducted by clients not so often, if they make them at least once a week, this is already good.

Over 130,000 partners have already joined the FBS and withdraw the money they have earned every minute.

To become a partner, you will need to open an affiliate account. Registration is standard, and immediately after it you get into your personal account. There you will have all the necessary tools to start earning.

In the affiliate link section, you can get a link to any page of the site and in any language location to invite people:

FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

The number of promotional materials is amazing, there are avatars, banners, logos, wallpapers and even Facebook covers. The choice is wide, so you will definitely find something suitable:

FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

Referral revenues are not the only reason for using the FBS affiliate program, since there are always contests with excellent prizes here:

FBS to make money on forex (project is closed)

Now iPhones are being played, and the most active partners can get them. Depending on the number of transactions made by referrals and the amount of the transaction amount, partners receive special points, who has more of them, and he wins the competition.

How to attract referrals to FBS?

You can use different traffic sources:

  • forums;
  • social networks ;
  • own sites;
  • YouTube channels;
  • ad networks;
  • tell your friends;
  • agree with the site owners about hosting advertising.

If you show activity and work hard, you will definitely attract many users to this broker.

When the network becomes extensive, you no longer have to think about inviting new people, since your referrals will bring you a steady income, and you will be able to go about your business.

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