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FastVPS scammers
I want to tell you the story of my sad experience working with FastVPS scammers.
EX-4S Server. I paid 59 euros per month for hosting, the load on which is 500-600 (maximum 800) hosts per day. This is for all sites! The sites do not use any scripts, parsers and other things that could load the server. The only thing for which I continue to pay for such a server that I do not use, just for the sake of TP (yes, you can decipher this way and that - the meaning will not change).
Stable, HDDs die on my server every month.
How is it possible that every month, over the course of 3 months, screws on the server are burned, which, one might say, is not used? There is an assumption that these are not Hetzner servers (German quality is not an empty phrase) and then the whole situation is a fraud, for which you have to plant! Why my home laptop has been living for 5 years now, and I constantly re-record the disc on 10-ki and 100 GB of information; Is the drive in the laptop alive and well, and the server is so gentle? Why? Yes, because these disks, for which I pay, are obviously faulty and FASTVPS is waiting for a situation where they will burn to push the new tariff or paid replacement of the disk! disk replacement, TP unsubscribe instantly. Immediately, they do not solve the problem, but instantly try to push the installation of supposedly new disks, since my server is using used disks. The fact that the "new", just bought the server, is used BU equipment is not mentioned anywhere! This is pure water fraud.
In the TP, they put not the techies who are able to solve the problem, but the managers who are up to your problems on the big side. They need to do KPI, show the management a beautiful schedule, send you something, know all the clauses of the contract, effectively manage time and other delusions of managers - social worms of the 21st century, and they don’t need your problems.
In the TP, they say that these are not their problems and suggest that I deal directly with the Hetzner, although I’m not paying the money to Hetzner, but Festwepees. However, as an indulgence, they can help - to install BU disks, but they offer me to agree that all data will be lost if they are supplied by working (NOT NEW) disks. No I do not agree. Because the FASTVPS installed the PROBLEM of the FAILED equipment to me and, first of all, they have to recover, because I pay for the RENT of the CORRECT equipment, and not for a specific disk, with a specific serial number.
Leadership, represented by Pavel Gavrilin, is more rude than ordinary managers. This one generally stated that for such a tariff I was nobody to them. Completely inadequate guidance that cannot solve any problems. The fish has rotted from the head.
In a word, I do not advise you to contact them for services. Let me remind you that we are talking about very small projects. Now imagine that if you want high-quality hosting for a high-loaded resource?
In a personal, I can throw off many-ton correspondence with TP - all those absurd things that are not mentioned here in two words.


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