Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

Having fun while playing interesting games and at the same time making real money can every Internet user.

Even if there is no start-up capital, you can take advantage of investment game projects and, starting from a small one, gradually develop.

The online farm with a withdrawal of money Casherfarm is a time-tested project that is in many ways similar to Fermasosedi (it has been operating for more than 3 years).

Here you can also raise animals and grow plants in the beds, and the contributions are not necessary, you can start from scratch.

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

The game is closed

You can play farm online on Casherfarm

You can start without investing in this game, but you have to be content with little. After registration, a chicken coop is issued and one bed for growing different crops. If you do not replenish your account, then immediately go to the Bonus section and get a few kopecks for free:

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

Enter the code from the image, and you will immediately be charged a small amount to the balance for purchases. Immediately after that, go to the field and sow wheat, it costs only 1 kopeck, in an hour you can collect it:

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

As soon as you harvest the crop, plant a new batch of cereals right away so that the next hour they had time to grow. Wheat is fodder for chickens, you can save it to supply your chicken coop, and you can sell it through the Shop, but first you have to collect 100 wheat.

Using only the free daily bonus, you will collect this resource for a long time, it is much easier to deposit 30-40 rubles into the game and develop the farm.

By spending a small amount, you can not only buy more expensive seeds, but also buy chickens. As already mentioned, the chicken coop is issued for registration, and so that it does not stand just like that, it is better to settle animals there:

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

The chicken costs 5 rubles, and you can not settle in your chicken coop more than 9 chickens. They need to be fed with wheat every 12 hours, and each hen brings in 60 eggs, after which it dies. Is it a lot of money? The animal pays off almost 2 times:

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

We take away a few kopecks spent on feed for chickens, and as a result we get 9. 5 rubles from each animal, and expenses only 5 rubles . The same yield is waiting for you when buying other types of animals, and in order not to spend money on food for them, plant the necessary crops in your garden.

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

Entertainment at Casherfarm

This online money-withdrawing farm differs from similar projects, including Fermasosedi, by having interesting additional games:

  1. Hippodrome. Virtual horse racing in which you can bet on one of the horses and pick up the entire bank of bets. Each bet is 2 rubles, the game depends entirely on luck.
  2. Bones. Two real players make bets and throw dice. The winner is the one who has the sum of the values ​​on the edges of the bones more. You can roll the dice twice (the game is available from level 10).
  3. Shapes. Unusual game, which is somewhat reminiscent of the KNB. Here you also need to choose one of the figures, which by the rules wins the other. A game is played between real people.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

You can make deposits into the game using different methods. Thanks to the Free-Kassa service, you can transfer money from any bank card, phone or payment system:

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

Also, among the replenishment methods, there is a service through which you can earn game currency.

Farm online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm

This site offers simple tasks such as registering for games, passing them, installing mobile applications, and so on.

As for the withdrawal, there are only 3 options here - this is Payeer, Yandex. Money and phone number. To order a payment, you need to collect more than 1 ruble on the balance. Transfer fee depends on the amount.

Nearly 33,000 farm players online with the withdrawal of money Casherfarm make money on their virtual beds and animal slaughters. Try and build a successful farmer’s career, and if you don’t want to invest, then collect a daily bonus or earn money on a Gamer. cash.

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