Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

For lovers of farm simulators, many interesting projects have been created, but not every one of them can make money.

We have already told our readers about quality online farms with money withdrawals like Fermasosedi and Farmerino, but to get more profit, better enjoy multiple projects at once.

Profitable farm online R-fermer is a complete copy of the Russian Farmer project. In this game you can become a farmer and grow different animals. After registration, it is not necessary to deposit money, since you will receive 10 hens and a chicken coop as a bonus, and you will be able to gradually develop from selling eggs.

Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

The game is closed!

Earnings with the game R-fermer

When you open a profile in this game, you can Immediately go to your farm and make sure that you have chickens and they started to bring eggs:

Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

The task of the players on this project is to collect resources obtained from animals that immediately sent to the warehouse:

Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

When goods accumulate in the warehouse, you can go to the market to sell the products:

Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

Of the sale amount, only 30% goes to the balance for withdrawal. The remaining coins go to the account for purchases (70%), you can develop a farm on them. The earnings scheme is simple, so even a beginner can play R-fermer.

If you wish, you can invest some money and buy other animals, the hens have the lowest payback:

Farm online R-fermer with money withdrawal

The cow brings the most resources, but it is worth it 100,000 silver, and this is 1000 rubles. In principle, you can not invest this money, but set yourself the goal - to save up game currency for a cow.

Features of the online farm R-fermer

  • every hour you can collect a bonus from 10 to 75 silver;
  • for 100 silver you can play lottery and win 500 coins;
  • if you exchange money from an account for withdrawal, you get 25% more;
  • when you refill an account from 50 rubles, bonus animals are issued (the larger the amount, the more animals);
  • 10% of deposits pay to everyone who invites referrals;
  • most active referrals are given bonuses of up to 50,000 rubles;
  • among QAWI’s top-up methods and Webmoney;
  • Payeer payments, 0% commission.

The conditions for the players are attractive, and you can quickly collect a decent amount on your balance.

Withdraw money from the game can only those users who have made a deposit of at least 50 rubles.

Even if you do not trust such projects, register with R-fermer . What for? Enter the game at least once a month and sell eggs. When a good amount accumulates on your balance, replenish your account with 50 rubles and collect several times more. Why not try if it requires a minimum of action?

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