Farm Bestferma. How to play Bestferma?

Passive earnings on the Internet seem to be an unattainable goal? In fact, you can quickly reach a high income, but for this you need to invest.

With the advent of economic games, everyone was able to easily get substantial money without doing anything.

The game - you will receive 200% of the profit per month from all saplings of fruit trees in which you invest your money.

The simplest game, and after buying the seedlings, the fruit will appear automatically. You just need to send them to the warehouse, sell and apply for withdrawal of funds .

Farm Bestferma. How to play Bestferma?

You have already guessed that this is a farm with fruit trees that is similar to hundreds of similar projects.

After registering, you will receive a small bonus, so you can start without deposits.

The first step is to buy seedlings. You can use bonus silver, but it is better to replenish the balance, otherwise the profit will be too low. This can be done on the machine through Payeer or using manual replenishment with QIWI and Webmoney.

Then go to the section " Buy seedlings ":

Farm Bestferma. How to play Bestferma?

Choose what you want to plant on your plot and click on the " Plant. " From the moment you purchase the seedling, fruits and berries will start to accumulate in you. To move them to the warehouse, you need to visit the section " Collect fruits ":

Farm Bestferma. How to play Bestferma?

Now you need to go to the section "Sell fruits", where you get silver for Harvest:

Farm Bestferma. How to play Bestferma?

From the resulting silver, 40% goes to the account for withdrawal (the rest is spent on new seedlings). From there, you can order a payment to Payeer. There is only one condition. To activate the withdrawal function, you need to make a deposit in excess of 10 rubles or invite 1 user.

Try to enter the game every day and collect a daily bonus. In the "Silver Free" section, up to 500 coins a day are distributed, and these are 5 lime seedlings.

Now the project has been working for 435 days and, more than 417,000 rubles have been paid to users. Qualitative analogues of this economic game have, nevertheless, several reasons, to earn with Bestferma :

  • perfectly white reputation;
  • promotions are constantly held;
  • give free seedlings when replenishing the balance;
  • referrals contest with a fund of 35,000 rubles;
  • 30% payment from the referral deposit;
  • exchanging money from the account for withdrawal, 20% is added;
  • you can be entertained in CBN and Lottery;
  • payments come instantly;
  • technical support responds quickly;
  • a bonus is given out form of silver, for making a deposit .

Everyone has to register in the Bestferma game, all the more a welcome bonus is issued.

If you replenish the balance in the amount of 1,499 rubles, you will be presented with an orange sapling, and it costs 600,000 silver (600 rubles).

Here is another video review with the withdrawal of money from the game:

Do not miss the opportunity to profit from another high-quality resource. To invest nothing, attract at least a few referrals. With interest received from their deposits, buy seedlings and let them continue to bear fruit while you go about your business.

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