Faith in your own strength, the main thing is to believe in yourself

It can be very difficult to believe in your own strength, because not everyone can put themselves on the same level as the richest people. Belief in one's own strength is one of the most important qualities of a potentially successful person.

Why aren't money distributed evenly between people, but concentrated among several hundred members of the Forbes list? Because these people were striving for success, not paying attention to external factors . Of course, it was difficult for them to believe in their success and to oppose public opinion, but at the same time they proved to everyone that they deserve respect.

Belief in your own strength is an important point that allowed many people to succeed. In this article we will present you several stories that are direct evidence that by refusing social norms and not paying attention to public opinion, you can achieve positive results, the most the main thing is to believe in yourself .

Faith in your own strength, the main thing is to believe in yourself

The main thing to believe in yourself

I would like to start with the most talented inventor Nikola Tesla. He did not seek to earn a solid capital, but was engaged in his favorite work, and all his work allowed him to make a step in the technical development of the whole world.

Unfortunately, during his lifetime, Nicola was forced to listen to ridicule from people around him, he was not given a loan in banks, and investors did not want to invest money in his activities. Despite the many difficulties, this man did not abandon his goal and throughout his life worked on inventions.

The business history of John Vanameuker also began with public ridicule, but he proved that people around him were laughing at his dream in vain. Being a seller at a gas station, John decided to tell his colleagues that he intends to open his own store.

Then, in response to his thoughts, he received ridicule, and his boss said that he did not even have money for clothes, not like his own store.

Walter Chrysler was considered completely abnormal, because he spent a lot of money to buy his first car, which he dismantled and collected from day to day. The huge interest in technology forced him to quit work and shine all the time studying the car. The fact that Chrysler has become successful , many people know, because the cars of its brand are produced, and to this day.

The life of Benz, who invented the first car, was much more complicated. Throughout his life, he invented and tried to realize his achievements, but he could not manage to "budge" the first car.

Faith in your own strength, the main thing is to believe in yourself

Having completed the last idea, he was awaited by another disappointment, because of which he fell into despair. In his story, his wife played a huge role. She believed in Benz’s power and took their two children and expressed a desire to ride on his invention.

Having passed through the city, she proved to others that her husband was not crazy, but a talented inventor, that is why the car brand is called Mercedes, that was the name of his wife.

Lee Moranz also did not hesitate to talk about his dream, and he himself asserted that he would someday open coffee, where they would sell the most delicious ice cream. Then the people around him laughed at his childhood dream, but when he invented the machine that prepared the ice cream himself, he proved to everyone that they did not believe in vain in the seriousness of his intentions.

Dream to become successful and wealthy should be much stronger than the influence of external factors that may adversely affect your motivation. Be confident in yourself, and you will definitely succeed, the main thing is to strive for the realization of the dream.

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