Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt

Who does not want to live on a grand scale and spend money every day in huge amounts? Unfortunately, the financial situation does not always allow you to do this, but do not be discouraged.

You can always fix everything, especially now deposits are available on the Internet. Even with 100 rubles you can start , the main thing is to find a good way.

New economic game Niru Virt is a stable, high-quality and interesting project. Here, users buy certificates to get Wirths on the machine.

There are several categories of certificates to choose from, you can start with any starting capital and scroll it for as long as you like.

Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt


Fair Play with Niru Virt funds withdrawal

The story in the game is unusual, as there are no cars, animals, birds and so on (as on similar sites).

It is made still easier, you buy a certificate and you get a stable profit in the form of a Wirth. The currency "Niru" is used inside the game, it can be withdrawn, and Wirthi is the product that needs to be sold.

When you pass the regular registration, you can buy at least a few certificates. They cost from 10 to 330 rubles. You do not need to pay the full amount, as the administration distributes a bonus on the first deposit of 55%.

It’s better to start right away with a good investment, since then you will not be given out deposit bonuses. Also now certificates are sold at half price, so you should hurry. Their purchase does not take much time, replenish the balance with Payeer and choose a certificate:

Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt

Let's assume that you are ready to spend only 35 rubles (to check how everything works and is it a fair project).

With a 55% bonus, you will receive a little more than 7,000 nira and will be able to purchase a certificate of 3 categories. It will bring 250 Wirths per hour or 6,000 Wirths per day:

Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt

They need to be collected in a warehouse in order to sell it on the market. The selling rate of 100 Wirth = 1 niru, that is, you get 60 niru every day or 1800 per month. In the market they are also easy to exchange for the main game currency:

Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt

It turns out that you get 18 rubles a month, and this with deposits of 35 rubles. Full payback in a couple of months, these are really favorable conditions.

Only 60% of the profits go to the account for purchases, but buying other certificates helps to develop and increase revenue. Withdraw from 50 nira to Payeer wallets.

Also, you can use the exchanger and transfer money from the account for withdrawal to the balance for purchases, with a bonus of 5%.

The Niru Virt game is gaining momentum quickly, but as long as there are not many users registered, it’s worth taking advantage of.

Use referral recruitment methods, while few people know about the project, it’s realistic to invite investors to get 10% of their deposits (they can be immediately withdrawn). Also, the administration holds a competition every month:

Fair Play With No Score - Niru Virt

So far there are not big prize funds, but everything is ahead. Invite investors and get not only interest. Over time, the amount of remuneration for prizes will increase.

Are you lucky? Then take part in the lottery Niru Virt. There you can win up to 5000 nira.

Everyone knows that in economic games, those who managed to register at the very beginning of their existence earn good money.

Niru Virt is easy to register, and you can earn there without any deposits at all, just invite a few users. Become one of the first, the money comes without additional fees, instant crediting.

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