Factors affecting earnings in Google Adsense

The choice of ways to make money on your site most experienced webmasters advise starting before the site starts.

It is on this principle that MFA websites are created. These are monetization-oriented platforms through a popular advertising service.

Factors affecting the amount of earnings in Google Adsense every site owner who monetizes a site through this system should know.

Simply connecting to the service and setting the code is not enough to get decent deductions, you need to take into account some features and only then you can count on a lot of money from advertising.

Factors affecting earnings in Google Adsense

Features of working with Google Adsense

  • can be paid to worthy contributions from Adsense by the owners of resources with relevant and "expensive" topics. These include business, real estate, automobiles, Forex and construction;
  • the content of the site must be made exclusively with unique content. If you periodically copy information from other sources, simply remove the ad units on these pages;
  • optimize each page for a specific request, this will help you collect as much traffic as possible. The more traffic the site has, the more clicks on advertising, and, accordingly, the higher the revenues;
  • in the preceding paragraph, you need to use as many traffic sources as possible. For example, you can use social networks, forums, and buy links from well-attended donors;
  • statistics show that the clickability of text ads is much higher than that of graphic banners. Therefore, in the Adsense settings, select contextual ads;
  • again, based on statistical data, more transitions are received by vertical blocks with advertisements (skyscrapers). The preferred place to install them is the side of the site from the main field with content;
  • customize the block with ads for your site design. Be sure to use colors that will fit into the design of the project (background, text, borders). Also use the same fonts in context;
  • for webmasters on Adsense there is a special feature for displaying relevant ads, use this. In this case, each visitor observes interesting advertising for him, and Google determines interests according to the user's requests in a search engine;
  • each site has a specific area where the ad unit can collect the maximum number of clicks. Experiment and try to install Adsense ads in different places (no more than 3 blocks per page).

Factors affecting earnings in Google Adsense

Every website owner can make a profit with Google Adsense, there are no serious requirements for sites , so you can monetize even young resources. The most important thing is not to hurry, because if the attendance of the project does not exceed 100 hosts, the profit will be quite small.

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