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Facebook - the popular social network . Facebook helps you to always stay in touch and communicate with your friends and friends from all over the world. If you do not have a page on Facebook , then we will help you to register . Register ir It is very easy to get on the site, and use will bring you a lot of pleasure. Like Twitter , Facebook represents a lot of opportunities and chances for a 30 day marathon, but at the same time requires a gradual study and development of the program, although in reality everything is very, very easy. Very important: Facebook allows you to have only one account, and the policy about this the site administration is very strict. Registration is simple, similar to any other on other sites. Facebook asks to enter your first name, last name, email address, gender and date of birth and go to the main page. It is worth paying special attention to the private profile settings, and choose a special kind of filtering, who should be told about what you write and think. Only those whom you yourself give access will be able to read and comment.

Choice and search for friends: the search is arranged according to the criteria of the general higher education for reference, school, by year of release, by email. Also Facebook developed a new friend search feature, this is about Ption "people who, you might know," and don't forget about privacy filtering.

One of the main features and advantages of Facebook for you that you will have access to the entire 30-day Marathon, which will soon be fully online, and which can be viewed at Fan Pages team members. To do this, find Fan Pages ( www . tubbynerd . com / facebook ) and become a fan, get up-to-date information about the marathon.

For convenient use of the program, Ed recommends setting Seesmic desktop , full communication th programs and programs, allowing you to comfortably communicate on Twitter and Facebook Since the functionality at the level of communication in both networks is about the same, then the interface does not have to change - both networks perfectly coexist in the same window. Installation and registration is also quite simple. Successful use! Stay tuned for online!

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FaceBook - Profit Hunter


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