Facebook, media podcasts. Module 5. Day 5 and 6 and somewhere day 7 - Profit Hunter

Someone heard something about Facebook ? What is it and what is it eaten with? Hmm ... 🙂 And how could Ed Dale include such a primitive grid in a marathon? ... just kidding. I make a joke. Who has not heard about Facebook - are behind the times. This is a mega global global social network. It has more than 500 million participants. Millions of photos and personal pages. Here is where to accelerate the creation of the image. Everything you need to know to create your page on the network, you already know. practice, look for people of interest, actively participate in groups. Advertise with Facebook .

What to write about this network, if everything has already been rewritten about it. Even in the lesson Ed written too not so hot. There is nothing to translate. This is part of the marathon. Develop your image in this network.

Now, about media podcasts. A vivid example is the Ed Marathon: video, audio, pdf format - excellent presentation and reach. Take Ed's example - my advice to you.

http: // www. challenge. co /

Why is there no day number 4? I will post this day a little later. Why? Learn.

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