Eye-safe font, how to reduce eye strain?

Active users of the Internet and the computer in general, often feel health problems. In particular, the eyes that are in constant tension are most at risk. Vryatli it is possible to surprise someone, because all of us from childhood instill "you will sit at the computer for a long time, you will ruin your eyes."

In spite of the appearance of LCD monitors, the negative influence on the organs of vision still remained, and you should feel the first signs of various diseases when you are in front of the monitor. Scientists conduct various analyzes and develop higher-quality technologies that can reduce the negative impact on people.

Eye-safe font, how to reduce eye strain?

How to reduce eye strain?

Prevention is nice, but 80% of people start acting only when there is an obvious problem. What signs indicate that you have vision problems?

  • short-term myopia;
  • decreased vision;
  • itchy eyes;
  • pain in the eyes and forehead;
  • violation of the eye muscles.

While experiencing some of these symptoms, you should already think about how to reduce the negative impact on the organs of sight.
One interesting option is to use a specific font. A long and complex analysis has shown that the Verdana font has the least negative impact on vision.

Eye-safe font, how to reduce eye strain?

This font was created in 1996 specifically for Microsoft, which already indicates its prevalence. The safest font for the eyes, optimally used in the amount of 12 and 14.

Not all sites use this font, taking care of the vision of their visitors, so before you start reading the next material, copy the text in Word and format using Verdana font. Let it be no significant contribution to health, however, they should not be neglected.

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