Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

Active Internet users open thousands of pages of different sites daily.

They are all filled with advertising, it brings money to the owners of the resources. But you can use one simple tool to start advertising to make money in the browser and you only need to install a special plugin.

Automatic earnings for advertising in the browser through available from 2015, and many use it. A large advertising company offers its own extension, it is installed in any browser and shows small banners, they do not take up much space, and therefore do not interfere with surfing the Internet.

Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

Expansion PayAd registration, reviews, earnings

This system has got into our TOP-45 real ways earnings on the Internet. The main way to make money here is an ad-opening application. While the service has not become very popular, banners appear rarely, perhaps this is for the better, it does not bother users.

We are all accustomed to advertising, and here it appears in a small window:

Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

Nothing prevents you from continuing to use your favorite sites, as long as the timer is on the banner is over. The administration additionally offers earnings on tasks, but only to active users. Therefore, run the plugin more often, and better never turn it off.

No advertising applications are making big profits. If you want to passively earn income, it is better to invest in BitRobot.

Another way to make money with PayAd is to invite new members. There is a link in your account, you need to attract referrals and get money from two lines. I myself am actively engaged in this, the statistics show that the first level brings 15%, and the second level 10%:

Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

Not so much money comes from viewing an advertisement, therefore the administration does not set the minimum threshold for payments. You can get any amount using one of 8 withdrawal methods. On my own experience I will say, transfers come within a few minutes.

Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

PayAd me service is rapidly gaining momentum, recently a new section with reviews of sites was added to the system. Also constantly held contests. Now you can win up to 300 rubles just for joining the group and making a nominal participation fee of 1 ruble.

PayAd how to make money?

The official website of the company has detailed instructions and even a video lesson, but my referrals still often ask how to make money with PayAd me. To solve this problem once and for all, I made a detailed instruction:

  1. We register on the site (log in via social networks), then download the application from the main page:
  2. Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd
  3. The example uses Mozilla, so we are sent to the official app store. This is good, it means there are no viruses in the plugin:
  4. Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd
  5. We add the application and after downloading it’s only left to press the install button:
  6. Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd
  7. If everything is done correctly, then the PayAd extension button will appear in the corner of the browser, when you click on it, the profile and balance information opens:
  8. Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd
  9. Everything now remains to wait for it to appear banners when visiting sites. In the settings you can specify which advertising topics you are more interested in:
  10. Extension for earnings on viewing ads PayAd

Money is falling for a long time, so for a while it is better to forget about the application and just go about your business. At any time you can easily check the balance and order the payment.

Analogs of the PayAd service

Earnings on plug-ins in browsers is becoming more and more popular, and the PayAd service is not the first to offer this extension to users.

There are some more sites where applications are also available for downloading, they can all be used at once, banners are not shown so often anyway:

  1. - from Analogues differ in the available tasks in your personal account. They are the same here as in the clique sponsors. Affiliate program 5 lines, deductions 10%.
  2. - not only banners are shown, but also other promotional materials (including videos). Readers are offered a 7-level affiliate program.
  3. - banners through this application is not shown. A large advertising block with a timer is added to the site design (to the header), it does not interfere with scrolling the page.

In many ways, these services are similar, you don’t need to work on them, you go through registration and download the application. If you still spend time at the computer, then why not take advantage of this. At least throw money on the phone.

Even a schoolboy can download and install the PayAd extension, and it will immediately begin to generate income. Completely replace the work with such a utility will not work, but for additional profit is the ideal option.

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