Extend the loan term on Gcb24

In the Webmoney Microloans article, we already told our readers about the wonderful Gcb24 service, in which you can get an online loan. This project is large and does not cease to develop and that is why it is chosen by many people who want to receive an electronic loan.

Recently, you can extend the loan term on Gcb24 thanks to new functionality. In life there are different situations, so this opportunity was really needed by many users.

If you don’t want to receive fines, negative reviews, spoil your credit history, and you probably don’t want to get a wallet lock, it’s better to extend the loan term than to “hide” from a lender.

Extend the loan term on Gcb24

The service is closed!
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Gcb24 is getting better

To be able to extend credit obligations, you you will need to pay all the interest on it, as well as pay an additional fee for the extension of terms. You can order a renewal only if the repayment term expires after 24 hours.

You can do this in your account using the updated functionality. Extend those loans that you can not extend to this, and the maximum extension period of 10 days.

If you have the opportunity to extend the loan (there will be a day until repayment), in your personal account you will observe an offer to pay interest on the loan. Having repaid the interest payable, again in your account there will be a link to extend the loan for 10 days.

Extend the loan term on Gcb24

Click on it and go to the Webmoney system website, where you will need to pay a commission (10% of the remaining loan). Then click "Continue the renewal procedure" and follow the step by step instructions, performing the necessary actions.

Such conditions undoubtedly attract customers, especially since Gcb24 is one of the leaders in its niche . If you ever decide to use a loan in this system and use the loan extension, do not forget that the loan balance must be repaid quickly and there is no need to hope for an extension, this is only a last resort in a difficult situation.

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