Expiration of binary options. What time to open options?

From binary options trading, with the right approach, it is possible to collect decent money.

Experienced traders know how difficult it is to predict the movement of exchange rates, so do not hope for luck, but try to make the right forecasts, in which the opening time of the option plays an important role.

The expiration time of a binary option is the time of closing the transaction. When trading options, you definitely need to choose the time when it will be closed.

Depending on the type of option chosen, the time may be different, and most importantly, you choose it yourself. Which expiration time is better? It all depends on your chosen strategy.

Expiration of binary options. What time to open options?

When opening trades, the trader necessarily has to choose the closing time, it is indicated in all types of options:

Expiration of binary options. What time to open options?

Some broker companies They offer to open options even for several months. According to professionals, long-term options trading is less risky, because forecasts are easier to build.

It is impossible to specify the exact time period for opening transactions , it must be chosen individually for each transaction. For example, if your strategy is based on long-term trading, then it is better to choose an expiration period of several weeks.

Short-term strategies (such as Martingale) are more suitable for fast trading short-term options.

By the expiration date, you can choose the best brokers. If you need short-term deals, use 24Option (from 30 seconds), Binomo is suitable for long-term deals.

Intraday options trading with an expiration date of several hours is the most popular. Most traders open trades for several hours and almost all strategies are suitable for this. We advise you to follow the techniques outside the border and on the border, they will help you to succeed in intraday trading.

As regards extra short-term options, they have the highest risks. Due to the options for 0. 5-5 minutes, you can quickly make big money, but to guess how the situation on the Forex market with the selected asset will change is almost impossible.

Experienced traders practically do not use this type of options due to too low expiration time.

Each trader, as experience increases, develops his own strategy for making transactions . Considering its features, it is necessary to select the right expiration date for options. Find the best time to open options for yourself by experimenting and applying different options.

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