Experiment on the purchase of natural links on linkbuilder. su - Profit Hunter

The focus on naturalness is the slogan of modern search engine promotion. Links from donor sites that look as if they were put by an interested user is a bold plus for the promoted resource. This linkbuilder is engaged in the linkbuilder service. su. What will happen after 1 month of purchasing links from it? In 3 months? This we will find out in the course of the experiment.

About Linkbuilder

The linkbuilder beta appeared in September 2014, and the project was officially opened in March 2015. During the first month of work, 650 optimizers became interested in the service, with a total investment of more than 3 million rubles. Now this statistics is actively growing:

Experiment on the purchase of natural links on linkbuilder. su - Profit Hunter

What is so special about him that you like so many SEOs?

  • Project focuses on obtaining a natural link mass from Internet resources where commenting is possible: blogs, informational sites, question-and-answer sites, forums, etc.
  • Manually creating profiles, streaming them and putting links into them. The reference mass is selected on the relevant sites, surrounded by relevant text.
  • The warranty period for links is 3 months. They are purchased once.
  • Linkbilder performs daily tracking of positions by specified keys.

As a result, the optimizer receives incoming links that are placed by living people, ideally fit into the context of the topic under discussion and, most importantly, relevant to the target audience. This means that with links comes interested traffic (which, moreover, improves the behavioral factors on the site), and they are not regarded by the search engines as "dead" and "corrupt." At the same time, the PS will not be able to determine that the reference mass was purchased, and not obtained naturally.

The project seems promising, but we do not yet know how much benefit it will bring to the resource being promoted. Therefore, we decided to test Linkbilder’s effectiveness on a single volunteer site.

The essence of the experiment on the purchase of links in Linkbuilder

  • Promoted website: mytests. ru
  • Experiment budget: 10 000 rub / month.
  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Purpose: to find out how the positions of the site will change according to promoted requests during the experiment.

We chose a resource for promotion, then we picked up requests for which we will promote it through Linkbilder. Requests were imported into the system, and low-cost ones with the maximum number of transitions were selected from them. At the moment, links are actively put down, and we can follow the dynamics of positions on key phrases.

Experiment on the purchase of natural links on linkbuilder. su - Profit Hunter

Statistics for queries can be viewed as a graph, which is quite convenient.

Experiment on the purchase of natural links on linkbuilder. su - Profit Hunter

The cost of the links includes not only their affixing, but also other work of the service staff: searching for a relevant site, pumping a profile (registration, filling, leaving messages), creating a note link. That is, about 70% of the cost of links is the work on ensuring the naturalness of the link profile of the site.
Thus, we expect results. It’s too early to talk about them, because there are still few links purchased and positions on requests fluctuate slightly. Stay with us and follow the developments!

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