Exchange Webmoney to Privat Bank, Obmennik exchanger

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users in Ukraine have already opened e-wallets in the Webmoney system, and some even make money online.

When revenues become decent and an impressive amount appears on the electronic balance sheet, there is a need to withdraw funds, the best option for This is a transfer to Privat Bank card.

Webmoney to Privat Bank can be exchanged through many different exchangers, and in this article we will look at one of the best. Many are interested in the issue of exchanging Webmoney for Privatbank without being linked, but this is impossible.

Before changing virtual money, you will need to attach the card to an account in the payment system.

Exchange Webmoney to Privat Bank, Obmennik exchanger

Qualitative exchanger for Ukraine

The site offers a simple interface with which you can transfer money as Webmoney on Privat, and in the opposite direction. After the transition to the site, we advise you to register, as in the future you can get discounts.

On the main page of the exchanger, you can choose which currency you exchange:

Exchange Webmoney to Privat Bank, Obmennik exchanger

After entering this data, click Exchange and fill out the form, with the amount of funds and numbers accounts:

Exchange Webmoney to Privat Bank, Obmennik exchanger

The online calculator will help you immediately calculate how much you will receive when exchanging. As you can see, here you need to specify the number of the wallet and card. Click to continue and confirm your actions in Webmoney.

If you want the opposite, you want to replenish WebMoney from Privat Bank, you will need to select the appropriate currencies, and after filling out the form with the purse and card number, Privat website will open, where you should have already registered.

Everything is simple here, check the data and receive SMS, which contains a special code:

Exchange Webmoney to Privat Bank, Obmennik exchanger

Confirm the transfer on the website, and the money is sent to your WebMoney wallet. It is easy to transfer between Privat Bank cards and Webmoney payment system, but remember that the card must be attached.

TIP: Exchange hens are constantly changing in online exchangers, so before you make transactions, watch for more favorable conditions. Make it easy, just use monitoring.

On the monitoring site you will find many different exchangers, including Obmennik. ws. And if you need an instant withdrawal of Webmoney to Privat24, use a special service, which we have already told Workion readers.

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