Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Periodically, modern investors, ordinary users or traders who trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, need to make exchange operations in which digital coins with fiat money are involved.

It is most convenient to use exchange services that work online on the Internet and offer fast and profitable execution of a financial transaction in the right direction. These are the opportunities that a relatively young, in many respects unique project will provide.

This service is characterized by unusual qualities and types of services provided to customers from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Let us consider the online exchanger 101Crypta.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Project Features

101Crypta Service. com was launched in the fall (October) of 2017 and in fact in 14 months reached a significant level of popularity among users from the countries of the former socialist bloc. Over 20 offices were opened in which it is possible to carry out exchange operations without using the Internet. This is a key feature of the 101Crypta project.

Due to large cash reserves, a variety of conversion directions and high transaction speeds, the service now occupies a decent position among similar services. In addition, the 101Crypta exchanger continues to grow in popularity with users.

The site has two versions of the interface - Russian (main) and English. The design is outwardly pleasant, concise. Navigation is intuitive. Due to the focus on Russian-speaking clients, the creators of the site provided for the most popular communication media options and frequently used payment systems that are popular in the countries of the former CIS.

An important difference between the online exchanger 101Crypta. com is the profitability of the proposed exchange rates for exchange. This is due to the work of its mining resources, constantly mining the popular cryptocurrency needed by customers.

Nuance! In offices opened by 101Crypta, in some cities, you can perform direct exchanges using cash. Conversions are possible by courier delivery, and departure of managers is possible in cities where there are no official representations!

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Benefits of the online exchanger 101Crypta

The leading advantages of the project are:

  • high processing speed of applications. Transactions are automatically made in 5-30 minutes;
  • convenience of work and a wide range of exchange directions. The service provides for participation in the exchange operations of 14 variants of digital coins and 3 fiat currency. To use available a lot of payment systems. There is the possibility of bank transfers;
  • consideration and resolution of personal issues of the client. Through a technical support service, you can resolve a large range of difficulties, for example, order an exchange with significant amounts, call a courier in a small settlement, issue a small loan, etc.;
  • information protection and user safety. The company gives warranty promises to maintain the complete confidentiality of customers, as well as the secrecy of any details of completed transactions. The cryptographic protocol SSL is installed on the 101Crypta service;
  • large reserves of funds and a favorable exchange rate. In addition to the online exchanger, the project owns its own mining farms that consistently produce the necessary cryptocurrencies for conversions. The reserve volumes of digital coins are constantly replenished, which makes it possible to perform large-scale operations almost always. Adequate supply of fiat currency is maintained;
  • the ability to pay in cash. When exchanging by courier or in the offices of the company available cash transactions. For example, you can sell 2 coins of bitcoin cash and immediately get about 15,237 rubles to your hands;
  • there is an affiliate program that allows you to organize passive income for your customers;
  • qualified technical support. In the chat operators are always present and help or advice can be obtained immediately.
Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Disadvantages 101Crypta

It’s not possible to reveal serious negative qualities with this service, however , there are several lightweight drawbacks:

  • the site is overloaded with dynamic graphics. Even with a high-speed Internet connection, braking moments are sometimes noticeable. This reduces the comfort of working on the service;
  • the work of online operators is not round the clock. You can receive advice or approval of the transaction only during the day (from 10 am to 8 pm);
  • you need to register on the site in order to make conversions and use discounts or special conditions.

In general, this list is deficient and limited. There are no other significant flaws or shortcomings.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Registration at 101Crypta

Without a registered account, large operations cannot be performed on the project, so you need to go through the registration procedure. It is simple, fast and typical.

The following sequence of actions should be taken:

  • go to the main page of the exchanger. Address:;
  • select the "Authorization" section on the top menu bar and after clicking on this button, go to the "Registration" section;
  • examine the terms of the user agreement, and then start filling in the fields of the registration form ;
  • the form is simple. It is necessary to enter the invented login, specify the email address and set the code for access to the created account. Complete the action by clicking the "Register" button.

That's it! Now the personal profile page will open, where you need to specify cryptocurrency wallet numbers, personal data, payment system details.

Information regarding the affiliate program on 101crypta has been submitted. A little later, the email will receive a message about the registration. There are no confirming links to links.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

How to enter and withdraw funds

In the exchange service 101crypta. com does not assume the accumulation of money in the accounts of a personal account, so all conversions are carried out online. You only need to specify and save the payment details for the transaction to occur. The only option to increase the amount of funds in the personal account of the exchanger is the income from the affiliate program. More on this later.

Supported cryptocurrencies and conversion directions

The service provides exchange services in the following directions:

  • virtual currency - crypto-coins;
  • fiat - cryptocurrency;
  • cryptocurrency - fiat money;
  • electronic money - fiat currency.

In addition, users registered on the site can make exchanges using cash. This option is available only in some cities of Russia and Ukraine, where the official offices of 101crypta are located.

The list of payment systems is impressive. All options are focused on the convenience of customers from the territory of the former USSR. So, the main ways here: QIWI, PerfectMoney, WesternUnion, Yandex. Money, Capitalist, etc.

Transactions from bank accounts: Sberbank, Alfabank, Privat24, RussianStandard, VTB24, Vanguard and Tinkoff Bank.

Exchange manipulations with digital coins on the online wallet are provided - the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange account.

Virtual currencies that can be operated on the 101crypta service. com:

  • top: bitcoin (bitcoin), ripple (bitcoin), bitcoin cash, ethereum (ethereum), and also lightcoin (litecoin);
  • middling: nem (NEM), cardano (cardano), eos (EOS), monero (monero), zacash (zcash), teaser (tether), neo (NEO) and dash (DASH);
  • rare altcoins: nebulus ( nebulas).

In fact, of all the monetary units and systems available, it is possible to add the necessary exchange pairs or directions. There are some limits on the purchase of cryptocurrency.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Exchange of virtual currency to 101crypta

On the main page, without going through the registration procedure, it is possible to perform exchange operations .

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • in the list of cryptocurrencies (left column), select the coin to be donated or the system from which the funds will be listed;
  • indicate on the right the target monetary unit you need to receive;
  • fill in the application window that opens: the number of cryptographic coins for conversion and the number of the cryptocurrency wallet or the payment system account. Automatically the system will perform a calculation, taking into account the current exchange rate, and on the right will display the result of the calculation;
  • click on the "Continue" button; If there are no errors, then you need to click "Generate application";
  • now the system will issue the number of the created application, as well as instructions for subsequent actions. Usually, the instructions advise you to obtain transaction details from the operator and, using this information, transfer funds; Here you need to confirm the completion of the transfer, by pressing the "I paid" button;
  • , the system will check the receipt of funds and the money will be transferred to the details specified by the client. The maximum conversion processing time is 28-30 minutes.

Feature! Allowed to exchange directly in the office offices of the company.If the operation is executed via courier service, then you need to pre-negotiate the conditions (time, date and place of the transaction) with the operator in an online chat.

It will then be necessary to transfer the required amount to the submitted account of the online exchanger, and the courier will deliver the cash a little later. This is for situations where fiat currency is involved!

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Commission for 101crypta and additional conditions

On the project There are no fixed commission values. They are calculated for each currency pair at the current exchange rate. The minimum system fee for any conversion is $ 2 .

When a payment system is involved in a transaction, an additional fee is charged on its services.

Users who have registered an account are given some advantages in the form of favorable terms or bonuses. In particular, a cumulative multi-level loyalty program works. Customers accumulate individual discounts on subsequent operations. For example, if the user's turnover reaches $ 2,350, the system commission is reduced by 0.3% for regular transactions.

Affiliate Program 101crypta. com

A referral program has been developed and implemented at the exchange service. Registered customers can follow a personal link to lure new users, and then receive a portion of the percentage of the commission system, which is charged from the operations of this referral. The amount of remuneration is determined by the cash flow made by the attracted client.

Details of the affiliate program can be found on the page.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions

Security on the project

Each client exchanging on the 101crypta service maintains the confidentiality of personal data, as well as protected by special security schemes.

The first moment is realized because of the uselessness to specify personal data at any stage of work. All conversions are made strictly anonymously, and the only information required from the client is the account number of the wallet for cryptocurrencies. Fiat transfer is also hidden due to direct transfer of funds.

Any data from probable interception is protected by a special Internet connection channel, which uses a reliable cryptographic protocol known as an SSL certificate.

Exchange service 101Crypta. com - profitable cryptocurrency conversions


101crypta Exchange service. com is a reliable, largely specific project in which customers can safely perform cryptocurrency and fiat money transactions. Before analog resources, this site has many advantages - focus on Russian-speaking users, a variety of payment systems, the possibility of cash settlement, an affiliate program, etc.

At the same time, 101crypta has no significant shortcomings. Of course, the popularity of the young project is increasing and, probably, its creators will soon expand the functionality, add new directions of conversions and optimize the conduct of transactions.

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