Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

Investments have helped a lot of people to get rich, and newbies are afraid of it. It is always dangerous to invest money, even if it is done through banks, the exchange rate of the national currency may fall or inflation will “eat” all the money. Risks are inevitable, so you need to create as many assets as possible for safety net.

Earnings with Bitcoin attachments are another option for creating a passive source of profit. This project has no analogues, it is not a HYIP or a pyramid, the invested money is scrolled at the expense of the services of large banks, and no one is forced to invite new participants.

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

Exchange Assets Equity Exchange

For beginners, it may seem like this is too complicated a project and here you have to long to understand the functions. In fact, everything is done for beginning investors. Huge income is not promised here, as the emphasis is on reliability. Deposits are opened with clients' money, banks make payments on them, and investors are paid profit from them.

The scheme is extremely simple, and the site offers to buy shares from such assets (D11 and D15). Deposits are opened immediately in 3 reliable banks, the most favorable conditions are chosen, but due to a variety of factors, the interest rates are constantly floating. In any case, the money multiplied.

How much can you earn with the stock exchange and how to turn the stock exchange into a passive source of income, we will tell a little lower. The project is young, it appeared at the beginning of 2017, but it is gaining popularity very quickly. The first payments are made, the money comes, therefore, the site is checked.

Possibilities and advantages of the exchange

Internet users have a huge choice where they can invest money on the Internet, but many choose ways that do not require activity. With Exchange Assets, you don’t need to be active at all; you can buy shares once and then visit the site, only to order payments.

To acquaint you a little with this project, we decided to make a list of features and advantages of the exchange:

  1. For registration, they give a free one-year gift as a gift, it starts immediately generate income (valid for 5 days).
  2. Trading on the stock exchange occurs automatically, all transactions are processed instantly.
  3. There is a two-tier affiliate program on the site, with the income of invited participants giving 10% and 5%.
  4. With the help of referral exchanges, you can buy participants to your team or vice versa, quickly earn money by selling refs.
  5. In addition to shares in deposit assets, the exchange sells its own shares. Their holders receive a percentage of the site’s revenue.
  6. All calculations on the site are carried out through Bitcoin (replenishment and withdrawal). Payments Instant.

Of course, having presented several points, it is impossible to fully talk about such a large project. It is better for you to register yourself and see the interface in your account. There is nothing difficult in this, beginners will also quickly get comfortable.

How to start investing with Exchange Assets?

The first step is to collect start-up capital for investing. Huge amounts are not required here, so 4 ways to earn Bitcoin will help you quickly get cryptocurrency. After passing the usual registration, a password is generated and a special code (used to confirm transactions).

After logging in to your profile, you need to go to the "My Balance" section and enter any number of bitcoins:

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

I have already generated the number of the wallet to be transferred crypto money so that they appear on the balance sheet. When you do it for the first time, you will first need to get the same bill. As soon as money appears on the balance sheet, go to the "Assets" section and select the assets (D11 and D15 - deposits shares, SYS - exchange shares).

After moving to an asset, two forms appear:

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

Everything is obvious - one for sale, the second for buying shares. Under them are already created offers, you can simply click on them and the form will be filled. Please note, you can buy 50 shares for 0. 000435 BTC (54 kopecks for 1 share). Although with such volumes of investment and income will not be large.

By the way, the statistics on enrollment is displayed in the section "My shares of assets":

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

Enrollments are held at the end of each day, I have already received money from the share of asset D15 . The sums are so small, because I received them only 2 times, and even with one share there is no big money, they are too cheap.

Return on investment

How much the exchange client receives depends directly on how much money he has invested. Interest is calculated on the amount of investment, but the rate is floating. Indicators on all assets are changing, but the most progressive growth is observed on shares of SYS, because the exchange is developing, along with this its incomes and dividends of holders of shares grow.

Less than 1% per day brings a share, and this should not surprise you.Exchange Assets is not a hyip or a pyramid, money comes from deposits here, and this is long-term investment . The annual yield reaches almost 100%, but only for the D15 asset:

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

This information is presented in the "Yield" section, and there you can track how the project has changed over the life of the project. share prices. For a long time it is really profitable to invest here and it is better to buy out D15 shares. Although the assets of SYS are also interesting, because when the exchange becomes popular, the shares can be sold much more expensive.

Affiliate Program

You can earn on the stock exchange without any shares. Attract referrals here are allowed by any means. The project is young, it is just over a month old and during this time even 1000 participants did not have time to register on it. Therefore, you can easily find people willing to try investing Bitcoin.

Recall that the 2-level affiliate program, 10% from the income of 1 line, from the second line 5%.

The referral exchange is currently empty, there are no offers on it. Become the first seller of referrals and get a quick profit (no need to wait for users to start receiving large dividends). The site is not needed for this, you can run the task on Seosprint or order an advertisement somewhere.

Advertising on Exchange Assets

The last thing I would like to tell about this exchange is placement of ads. The exchange is monetized not only at the expense of the commission, but also by placing advertising blocks. Anyone can receive traffic on the subject of investment and money for relatively little money.

Pay for clicks and impressions, and the more traffic is redeemed, the more decent the discount:

Exchange of equity assets Exchange Assets, advertising, affiliate program

When ordering a million clicks and hits, cost per click will be only 0. 028 rubles. (payment only by bitcoins). The cost is attractive, besides the exchange has an English version, you can buy foreign traffic.

Need quality promotion, traffic and visitors? Advertising in video blogs is one of the most effective options.

While shares in the Exchange Assets do not cost too much, have time to buy them. Judging by the upward trend in prices (based on statistics), even on the resale of shares really get hold of. Sign up right now, the bonus share from the first day will begin to generate income.

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