Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

There are not so many articles written about any other currency and as many services as Bitcoins have not been opened.

Now the dollar rate of this digital coin is slightly above $ 15,000 and according to experts, in 2018 we will still be surprised by the quotes. Along with this, there are questions, and where to buy and sell Bitcoin.

The exchange for earnings on Bitcoins is stable and simple. Unlike analogs, there are no other altcoins here, only a few currency pairs of fiat money and Bitcoin are available.

Here, the easiest way to buy or sell them is to immediately receive payments without using any exchangers and other systems.

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

GetBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

There is an increased interest in this exchange " major players "in trading. The site is owned by a real company - Getbtcfinancialservicesltd . Detailed details are presented on the official website.

All the necessary documents are there, operate within the framework of the legislation and provide multilingual support.

Their platform is not distinguished by something outstanding, but at the same time, it is excellent for conducting transactions with Bitcoin.

Forget about exchangers, replenish your account in rubles, dollars or euros in different ways, buy Bitcoins. At the same time, the site meets all safety standards and there are no negative reviews about it.

For me personally, it is important that there are many available currency pairs on the exchange, so I conduct transactions on the website


In Runet, the service is called differently, most often the GetBTC. He also has a heightened interest among the Russian-speaking audience. Yes, the exchange supports only Bitcoins, but this is its peculiarity.

If you decide to invest in BTC or conduct transactions only with this asset, this exchange is the best solution.

Pros of the GetBTC Exchange

The project was developed by real professionals, so the platform is really convenient. There are always interesting offers for buying and selling Bitcoins. A large audience of project fans is explained by the following advantages:

  • there is a Russian version (high-quality translation);
  • the exchange interface is so simple that any newcomer will quickly get comfortable;
  • quality support, for residents from different countries;
  • this is the best exchange for quickly buying Bitcoin or exchanging it for fiat money;
  • transaction fee of only 0. 2%;
  • there are many ways of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • the fee for withdrawal and deposit varies from 0% to 5%;
  • standard registration and optional verification tion;
  • clients are offered to use the bot for automated trading;
  • you can earn on an affiliate program;
  • developers to provide high security.

This exchange is not suitable for large-scale trading, it conducts transactions only on BTC, but for some this is enough. It is impossible not to note the huge choice of methods of replenishment and withdrawal, including Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Alfa Bank cards and so on.

Registration and verification on GetBTC

Becoming an exchange customer is easier than ever, registering here is standard. Go to the official website GetBTC and on the left above you see the desired button. Only login and mail are filled in, the main currency is selected and a captcha is passed:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

The box must be working because an email is sent to it instantly with a password from the account:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

As for verification, it is not mandatory. To pass it, you need to register on a separate site and open an account there. All this is done for free and the necessary instructions are provided, so who will need it, as if it will figure it out.

Deposit and withdrawal on GetBTC

We have already said that accounts with national currencies are available on the exchange. It is very convenient, it is not necessary to use exchangers. In your personal account there are corresponding menu items, first we will deal with the replenishment:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

The classic form, choose one of your accounts, the payment system and specify the amount. There are enough ways to make a deposit:

  • AdvCash;
  • Webmoney;
  • PerfectMoney;
  • CryptoCapital (registered here for verification);
  • Universepay;
  • bank transfer;
  • cash transfer;
  • AlfaBank card;
  • cards of other banks.

All of these methods are also suggested for withdrawal. The form is slightly different, but again you won’t get confused, indicate the account, choose a wallet, enter the number and amount:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

Payments are processed quickly, and for some withdrawal option there are even separate topics in FAQ. The fees depend on the chosen method; if you order a bank transfer, no interest is charged at all.

Bitcoin trading with GetBTC

It is easy to sell and buy BTC through this site.In the "Trade" section, you first need to select a currency pair. There are 3 of them - BTC / RUB, BTC / EUR and BTC / USD .

It also shows the current Bitcoin value and current balance. By default, the price field is filled in, but you can change it at your discretion:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

Exactly the same form is offered for sale to Bitcoin. When you make a deal, it is not executed instantly. First, a warrant is created and you need to wait for someone to respond to the offer.

To save time, use orders from other users. They are on the stock exchange both for buying and selling Bitcoin:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

Now there are not many offers to buy BTC, more often there are orders for selling Bitcoin. Just do not rush to agree to the conditions, because some traders expose such a high price that the transaction is simply meaningless.

Earnings on the machine with the GetBTC bot

The developers of the exchange offer a unique algorithm to their clients. On the machine, you can trade Bitcoin with any starting capital. Special bot conducts transactions on the Martingale system.

This doubling scheme is well known to everyone, and for beginners the site contains detailed instructions. To make money on the machine, you need to log in to your account and select BotMark:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

At any time, you can stop the algorithm and take all the money invested. You will not be constantly on the exchange.

The bot opens orders with a higher price for BTC, which makes a profit. Before launching, you need to set the investment amount yourself and indicate the percentage of return:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

According to the developers themselves, it is better to deposit $ 600 and set the percentage from 2% to 10%. Even if the Bitcoin rate falls, the bot will not change the orders, it will leave them for execution in the future when the quotes stabilize.

The referral program GetBTC

Without investments on the stock exchange, you can also earn - by attracting referrals. As you remember, the transaction commission is 0. 2%, from this amount you will receive half, if your link is registered customers. A link is provided in the appropriate section:

Exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin-GetBTC, reviews

The affiliate account is maintained separately, in this section you can transfer funds to the principal balance and then order payments. Use different ways to recruit referrals, it’s not necessary to have a website.

Reviews about the exchange GetBTC

The exchange has not yet found great popularity because there are no many currency pairs on it.

Not everyone is willing to trade exclusively Bitcoins, and you can buy and sell these coins at many other sites. Nevertheless, GetBTC has a good reputation, most of the reviews are positive.

Among competitors, the exchange is young, more often in the comments people are asked to add some functions. There was a wave of negativity accused by the GetBTC in connection with the closed BTC-e exchange, but the data were not confirmed, so no conclusions should be made.

Do you want to receive free bitcoins? Collect them at

, a lottery is held there and there is a profitable affiliate program.

GetBTC has enough advantages, but it has been working since the summer of 2017, therefore it is too early to say about the huge popularity.

It is possible that over time, new currency pairs will be added, but now many are happy that they manage to trade Bitcoins for fiat money with maximum comfort.

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