Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

More and more useful resources are being created for working with cryptocurrencies. Without exchanges, no one could buy and sell tokens.

With these sites, people exchange digital coins and fiat money among themselves. And the more exchanges used, the easier it is to find favorable conditions.

We decided to write a review of the cryptocurrency exchange, because the project is rapidly gaining momentum.

Not only is the number of users on the exchange actively growing, they also released their own token. While it has not become popular, but as time goes on, and with the development of the resource, there are more prospects for growth.

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Online wallet and cryptocurrency exchange Bitflip

In the early summer of 2017, a team of Russian professionals launched a project Bitflip Now this exchange is positioned as one of the ambitious and promising sites.

In terms of trading volumes and the number of registered users, they are far from or so far, but there are definitely good prospects for unwinding.

When the exchange just started, a wave of negativity went on the net. Developers were accused of fraud, allegedly they just want to raise money and evaporate. The team actively communicated in the forums, led the debate.

A little more than half a year has passed since the launch of the project, it continues to work, offering favorable conditions.

At the start of development, the developers invited investors to contribute to the development of their project. They took Bitcoin and promised to share their own income for it for life.

In addition, make zero commissions on operations. Promises are fulfilled, and in addition, the exchange has other advantages:

  • a high-quality website, it works quickly and everything is in Russian. Any newcomer will quickly understand the interface, there are no many useless functions and sections;
  • support is at a height that responds quickly and politely. Perhaps this has not yet gained a lot of customers, but we put a plus;
  • the choice of currency pairs is not the biggest, but the developers are trying to do something that is not on other exchanges. So, until recently, it was possible to buy Ripple for rubles only at BitFlip (now it offers a larger project),
  • users have accounts for fiat currencies and many I / O methods are offered for them (among the main QIWI, Yandex. Money, Webmoney, Interkassa);
  • BitFlip service can also be used as a convenient wallet. The design of the site is interesting, there are several accounts, and the protection is standard (two-factor authorization);
  • Bitflip is ideal for beginners because it has the lowest minimum replenishment limits. Even with taps it is convenient to receive payments (for example, 10 000 Satoshi and 0. 0001 ETH);
  • external operations are processed instantly, send cryptocurrency to wallets or replenish the balance, the speed depends only on the blockchain network.

There are also disadvantages, and the most important of them are the percentage of withdrawal and the speed of withdrawal of fiat money. In comparison with other exchanges, Bitflip raised fees for withdrawal.

As regards the speed of processing operations, it is often delayed for several days. In the reviews, this is often said, but it is important that everyone gets their money, albeit with a guarantee.

How to replenish your account with Bitflip?

Registering for Bitflip is the simplest, so we will not focus on it. Immediately after it, connect two-level authorization to ensure security.

The site does not have many sections, just one item at the top is My Wallets. There you will find your balances:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

If you earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then click "Refill", get your address and transfer the coins to it:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Whoever is not yet the owner of the cryptocurrency, must make a deposit in national currencies. Choose rubles, dollars, euro or hryvnia, you will see a list of ways to make a deposit and a form for entering the amount:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

The list does not have a suitable option? Use the services of Interkassa, Capitalist or Payeer. Through them, it is easy to deposit money from a bank card or even mobile balance.

How to trade on Bitflip?

Daily deals totaling about 20 BTC are made through BitFlip exchanges. The indicator is growing, different currencies are bought and sold not only by professionals.

When money appears on one of the balances, you can proceed to trading. To do this, click on the site logo in the upper left corner:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

You will see a form with the choice of a trading couple, a schedule for the selected asset (cost of purchase and sale), you can chat in chat and open orders. To buy or sell coins, you need to specify their quantity and cost through special forms:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

The commission depends on the user's trading volume for the last month. For convenience, presents the minimum and maximum rates. Please note that orders are not exchanges, they are just an application.

It is necessary to wait until the counter offer appears or someone agrees to the conditions. To make a deal faster, choose orders of other clients:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Unfortunately, Bitflipbuy and sell cryptocurrency takes a long time, because there are so few orders. But it is convenient and simple to trade, you click on any order from the list, the form is automatically filled in and you just have to click the buy or sell button.

Withdrawing money from Bitflip

A lot of questions from newbies are connected with the output to Bitflip. The exchange is honest, the money comes from it regularly, but with minor delays.

To order a transfer to a card or e-wallet, you need to activate two-factor authentication. Only after that, click on the output button:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

You will be prompted to choose one of the available methods. When withdrawing rubles, the most profitable options are Yandex. Money and Webmoney.

For both bills, the commission is 3. 9%, and the minimum amount is 500 rubles. Under the list of ways to withdraw money from Bitflip is a form for entering the details:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Everything is simple, the wallet number and amount. As you can see, the authentication code is required, therefore it will not be possible to receive funds without additional protection.

How to get an authentication code on Bitflip?

To protect their customers, the developers added an additional security measure. Immediately after registration, it is proposed to enable two-level authentication. This is done through the settings, where they offer to scan the QR code or get the code via SMS:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

You will spend a few minutes turning on this function and you will not have to worry about your balance sheets in the future, but You can also withdraw funds.

Cryptocurrency Bitflip (FLIP)

The popular Exchange Eksmo already plans to launch its own tokens, and BitFlip did it in the fall of 2017. So far, their coins have not been added to popular sites and exchangers, but there is an account for this currency on their project:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

At the first stage, 10 million coins were issued, the total issue was 40 million. plans, the course should grow with the development of the exchange. Now it is low, for 1 FLIP give 2-3 cents. While there is an opportunity, you can buy tokens at the lowest price:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Suddenly, in the future, they will cost as Bitcoins, we have already shown how to change Bitflip to the currency, or orders are accepted.

Coupons on Bitflip

A unique opportunity to transfer money, realized on this exchange. Each user can create coupons of any amount and transfer them to other people. To add a coupon, you need to go to "My Wallets" and select the appropriate menu item:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

The form selects the balance, indicates the amount and checks the authentication code. A unique value is issued, which can be activated on the same page:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Transfer coupons as gifts, bonuses, this can be useful for attracting referrals (encouraging registration).

Affiliate Program Bitflip

This is the possibility of earning a BitFlip without investments. In your account you will find a link to go to the affiliate program, where there is a unique link to attract new customers:

Exchange Bitflip - withdrawal, trade, replenishment, reviews

Statistics on the number of invited participants and income for different periods of time are also displayed here. . Beginners are paid 40% of the commission, and in the currency that referrals trade.

The maximum percentage of deductions is 70% , it depends on the total amount of referrals bidding:

  • from $ 100 to $ 999 - 45%
  • from $ 1000 to $ 2999 - 50%
  • from $ 3000 to $ 4999 - 55%
  • from $ 5000 to $ 9999 - 60%
  • over $ 10,000 - 70 %

Cookies live for 30 days, enrollments come every week, and you can display them by any means. Referrals are fixed forever. The resulting profit can simply withdraw or use to trade on the stock exchange.

Reviews of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitflip

After a wave of negative, which splashed out at the start of the exchange, BitFlip restored its reputation. No one complains about refusal to pay, loss of funds and other problems (unlike other, even well-known analogues).

I learned about this site from one of the familiar traders, who shared his opinion:

Successful trading is not only tracking quotes and catching good moments to buy coins. It is necessary to still have time to pull orders with an attractive price, which from time to time appear on the stock exchanges.

I am registered on a dozen different exchanges, including Bitflip, there also appear "tasty" offers. I order a withdrawal from the site only in cryptocurrencies, it is carried out quickly.

I tested the withdrawal of fiat money, the delay was for 3 days, and their commissions are not the most profitable.Simple and easy to use interface for beginners just like it.

Over time, this exchange will gain popularity, its prospects are serious. Already, reviews of TOP bloggers are writing about it and large traders are registered.

The next exchange did not inspire confidence, but managed to prove that it deserves to be ranked. About Bitflipmy wallet, withdrawal, replenishment and other functions told in detail, and if you still have questions, leave them in the comments.

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