Examples of changing the domains of large companies

Domain purchase is a simple and quick procedure, but difficulties arise even before it. Many do not know which domain to choose for the site, because there are a lot of options, and I want to find the best one.

As the saying goes "As you call a ship, it will float like this," this is a good expression, because picking up the name site, you need to be smart.

The impact of the domain on the company's success is there; many large companies changed their domain names to convert sites.

A vivid example of this in Runet is VK and OK, the most popular social networks have been using new addresses for several years. First, they changed the domain zone, and second, they made it simple and memorable.

Examples of changing the domains of large companies

There are plenty of examples of how popular sites have changed their names in the development process.

Now we are accustomed to domains such as Google or Twitter, but initially they were not located on the domains that are currently used.

These and other examples will be discussed below:

  1. Google - let's start with the most popular site, a search engine, founded in 1996. Its organizers studied at Stanford University, so the site was initially available at. The project was developing at a fast pace, so next year the main address was purchased (then all Google domains in other domain zones were also bought out).
  2. Twitter is an equally popular site known to all modern people. When it was launched in 2006, a domain was used (these are characters from messages). In the future, it was changed to Twitter, which is more sonorous, only $ 7,500 had to be paid for the domain, although for such a company it is an insignificant amount.
  3. Facebook is a site whose domain has hardly changed. As in the story with Google, Mark Zuckerberg was a student during the launch of a social network. At first it was called, and its main name was bought for $ 200,000 in 2005. Then they bought the FB domain. com, the transaction cost $ 8. 5 million.
  4. PayPal - a payment system appeared after the merger of two large companies and earlier it was possible to visit it at.

    It was decided to change the name in order to make it more sonorous and informative. If you go deeper into this case, then the checks that were carried out showed some kind of non-matching of the domain with the payment service, in addition, the domain contained pornographic sense.

    If you decide to find a name for your resource, buy low-cost domains. ru and. Russia, sometimes the registrars ask for big money is not justified.

  5. Ask - this is a popular foreign search engine (and not a question and answer site known in Russia). Once it was located at the address, but when you restart in 2006, we decided to replace the name with a more sonorous one. At the same time, the project received a new design.
  6. NBCNews - in the foreign segment, this is the most popular news portal. The old domain is still working, but after completing cooperation with Microsoft, they decided to make a new domain. Founded the site in 1996.
  7. Perez Hilton - everyone knows this name on the Internet, especially in a foreign country. The host and blogger became famous for his publications about the stars. He created the project, but already in 2004, he had to look for a new name, as the litigation with the New York Post's Page Six was brewing due to a registered trademark. This is how the PerezHilton site appeared. com.
  8. Overstock. com - a strange case occurred with this foreign online store. At first, its owners decided to facilitate the domain and bought it out, but because of this, sales volumes fell, so we had to return to the old name. As you can see, abbreviated versions are not always successful.
Examples of changing the domains of large companies

Even large companies periodically decide to change the name of the site in order to improve it. Some bloggers should also think about it, because the names of several words are hard to remember.

On our blog there is another interesting about domains, which tells about the most expensive, long, domain name, and not only.

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