Evernote. Module 4. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Hello everyone! Ed on the link. Today is a very important day in creating a leadership image in its market. Today I will tell you about cross-platform service that will give incredible control over your project. What to say. Today is the day Evernote . This is a multilingual platform for online notes and more. This is more than a blog. Evernote - the whole office on the Internet. Watch a small video and you yourself will understand:

http: // www. evernote. com /

So? Liked? This is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. At Evernote you will find many people engaged in professional activities: photographers, cooks, lawyers, etc.

Create an account with Evernote

Evernote has its own desktop application. Free. You can download it from the Evernote website.

Evernote. Module 4. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

After installing and running it, the program will ask for authorization. If there is no account yet, click on the appropriate link and go through a simple registration. Data can be filled in Russian. You can register on the site. In the authorization window you can view another video, giving a more complete description of the system.

After registering through the program, you immediately go to the Evernote editor. However, we will use Evernote in our tutorial (web-client).

Evernote. Module 4. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

When the desktop part of Evernote is running, you can easily save screenshots in notes. Press Print Screen (on the keyboard), select the desired area on the screen and that's it. The image is saved immediately to Evernote in a new post. There you can add text, add a link, video, etc.

In order for notebooks or notes created on your computer to go online, you just need to click the Sync button. Similarly, if you add something to the Internet, then after synchronization you will see everything on your PC.

With Evernote, you can keep important information at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. In Evernote, you can set up group access - a kind of shared office. A good option to collaborate on projects, share opinions, leave comments, etc.

Start using Evernote. You will find a use for it.

P. S.: As for me, in Everenote it is good to organize clubs. For example, the club "Let's pump TIC. Bold links. Share experiences" or something else. All members of such a club will always be in the know. Everyone creates notes or articles. Others see, read, leave comments. online.

Video of the lesson

  1. Introduction from Ed Dale
  2. Evernote

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