even more favorable conditions for partners - Profit Hunter

As is known, the current Internet (and the Runet in particular) is teeming with teeming with assorted affiliate programs, vying with each other about their uniqueness and fantastic profitability, so finding something worthy among them can be very difficult. Today we will talk about the affiliate program, on the one hand, time-tested, on the other - relatively recently conducted a global redesign of your site.

The LiveGames game portal has been known on the RuNet for quite a long time - it has been operating since 2006; however, last summer, the administration of the resource carried out a thorough work, not only changing the design, but also significantly simplifying the registration process. As a result, a very significant increase in monetization and conversion of hosts into registration, so it can be said with confidence that the project does not lose grip.

even more favorable conditions for partners - Profit Hunter

In addition, the working conditions with partners have changed - now LiveGames pays 30 rubles for registrations instead of the previous 5-10 rubles. Still, there are some controlling conditions - to make sure that the new user is interested in the service, the resource counts it only if he plays at least three times within two weeks after registration. You can assess the state of affairs according to your affiliate statistics - after registering, the user enters the list of players assigned to you, as soon as he plays for the third time - his registration is paid to you. Here is an example of new statistics:

even more favorable conditions for partners - Profit Hunter

The numbers are no doubt pleasing. Looking at such a state, you want to work and work 🙂

Standard cooperation conditions - a new user is considered yours if he came by your referral, and in general the administration is not against any white ways to attract traffic. Pleases the openness of statistics - at any time a participant can not only evaluate the effectiveness of his own work, but also compare it with the average indicator of other participants. The owners of the resource are not opposed to setting special conditions for the most successful partners, so thanks to the statistics you can decide whether it makes sense to contact them with a similar offer. However, the opposite is also true - the administration reserves the right to terminate cooperation with an ineffective partner.

In general, LiveGames deserves attention, if only because it has been successfully operating for five years, not allowing itself, at the same time, to hitch up - the service does not hesitate to change and look for new, more successful ways. It is necessary to think that the recent positive changes in dynamics can be explained to a large extent by the fact that LiveGames has simplified and reduced the registration procedure to the maximum, so that now there is practically no way for a potential user to separate from the game - there is no need to even verify mail. The set of games offered is quite diverse, the interface is pleasant and convenient, so for fans of such entertainment, participation in the LiveGames network can be a very interesting proposition. And for a partner, respectively, cooperation can be quite promising.

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