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I apologize to the readers of this blog for not having written for so long. Was on the road. Now he returned and immediately began preparing for a marathon. I plan to publish it all November (I hope that nothing will happen to me during this time).

Well, this post will be of a purely advertising nature, since there appeared an order for the announcement of the affiliate program for adult webmasters StepToCash. ru.

I will not write huge texts “why it’s worth working with this affiliate program” and so on in this style. I think everyone will be able to try on one small project. and other projects. And below I will simply list the key features.

What is interesting about this affiliate program:

  • high-quality social network
  • highly convertible landing pages
  • constant updating of the landing page
  • detailed statistics system, in-depth analysis of traffic and envelopes.
  • gender Effective tools for effective work
  • effective promotional materials
  • high% sms rates, progressive% system, rebills.
  • coverage of all mobile operators in RUSSIA, CIS and EUROPE
  • timely weekly payments, urgent payments are available.
  • 10% referral system
  • friendly support service-24/7

Of all the advantages of the system, I would like to emphasize developed working tools and payment guarantee. The affiliate is not young, just used to work under a different name (niche experts will understand).

And finally, an example of statistics:

Even closer to money - Profit Hunter

Registration in the affiliate program

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