European, French, American Roulette to play online

As the statistics show, almost every online casino visitor enters the roulette.

This is the most popular type of gambling that everyone has heard of. This game is of different formats and from its name, the rules may change. If you want to become a professional player, then you definitely need to understand them.

European, French, American Roulette you can play online all of these types at popular casinos and just below, we will present their list. The differences between the games are not significant, therefore, having understood the game of one of the roulette types, you can easily understand the rules of other roulettes.

European, French, American Roulette to play online

What is the difference between European, French and American roulette?

Before presenting the list of services where you can play, let's figure it out What is the difference between roulette types:

1. European Roulette.

European, French, American Roulette to play online

This type of game is also called "Single zero roulette". In addition to the standard field, players can use additional for setting bets. The probability of winning at European roulette is slightly higher, so it’s better to play it.

On some gaming services there is such a rule - if the ball falls on zero, the stakes remain and the players lose nothing. If after the zero the player’s number drops out, the multiplication rate is returned.

2. French Roulette.

European, French, American Roulette to play online

On some sites you can immediately notice the differences of this roulette in the name of the fields (in French). The standard field does not differ from the European type of roulette, here is also one zero.

Uniqueness lies in the rule " La Partage ". If the ball falls to zero, you can pick up half of your bet or leave it for the next con. If the zero falls again, the player loses the entire bet.

French roulette has some differences in rates. When using it, you can put money on:

  • 17 numbers surrounding zero in roulette;
  • 12 numbers opposite zero;
  • 8 numbers remaining from previous ones;
  • a bet on all numbers with the same last digit (for example, 2-12-22-32 );
  • a bet on all numbers with 2 digits ( 2- 5-12-15-22-25-32-35 ).

Unfortunately, not all gaming sites have functions for using such bets, but they should be in classic French roulette.

3. American Roulette.

European, French, American Roulette to play online

In the image, you should have immediately noticed that there is a double zero in this roulette.

By adding another sector (00), the casino gets more chances to win. The peculiarity of American roulette is that players use chips of different colors (for convenience).

At some virtual casinos, American roulette is accompanied by the additional rule " Surrender ". If the ball falls on zero or double zero, the player loses only half of the bet.

Where to play roulette?

If you want to play one of the types of roulette, use proven online casinos:

  1. - you can bet just 1 cent.
  2. - there is only American and European roulette.
  3. - you can play Live Roulette.
  4. - offers 10 types of roulettes.
  5. - several types of roulette, including those with a live dealer.

Now virtual casinos fall into a single register, as gambling for real money in Russia is prohibited . But you can bypass this restriction using an anonymizer. Choose any country and go to any site anonymously.

If you decide to try one of these games, be sure to learn the roulette game systems. Using special strategies, you can significantly increase the chances of winning. The most important thing is not to use them for a long time and go from one casino to another until you are suspected that you are trying to deceive the roulette.

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