ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

More and more moneymakers and beginners are interested in cryptocurrencies. Someone has already invested all their savings in them and is waiting for the appreciation, but this is not the only way to get income from digital coins.

There are new, unusual and interesting projects that offer very favorable conditions for investment.

Create your mine and earn Ethereum in the game ETHERO. This is a copy of the project for Bitcoin earnings, called.

The developers conducted surveys among the players and came to the conclusion that many want to see something similar, only for Ethereum. They realized the dream of fans and made an analogue for the earnings of another crypt.

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

ETHERO game review

The project has been translated into several languages, but in general, this is a foreign site. The Russian version is not so high quality, some sections are not fully translated. Therefore, it can be difficult for beginners to understand the functions.

There are no questions to register, the usual form is filled in and almost without checks, you can immediately log in.

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

This is how your personal account looks like (tab tab). Here is a general account statistics. It is shown how much money on the balance sheet, the number of referrals, the resources extracted.

Above the main balances a profile type is shown. Standard membership is provided free of charge; you need to pay for other statuses:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

All conditions are shown in the image. Each player has two balances, this is a wallet and a safe (safe). Ethers earned from the miners are sent to the safe, then from there they need to be transferred to a wallet.

Already payments are ordered from it (first, you need to specify the Ethereum wallet number in the settings).

The essence of the game comes down to the purchase of mining workers and the sale of collected resources. There are additional features, profitable affiliate program, resource extraction with high profitability and so on. Now we will present visual instructions for all tools.

Investment in miners on ETHERO

According to the game plot, you become the owner of mines with different resources. They need to be filled with workers to start mining.

The first miner is given for 4 days for free, but it will not bring much money, so you need to replenish your wallet. The transfer is made directly from the Ethereum wallet (if you do not have it, use the exchangers with):

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

For the money invested in the game, you need to buy miners. They are 5 types, extract various resources. The cheapest bring coal, with a standard account you can buy only them (up to 20 pieces). Lifetime 30 days:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

Once a day, the miner collects 1 Kg of the resource, do not forget to go to the site to click on the mined minerals:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

Regardless of the type of miner, the same actions are performed. After collecting the resource, they appear in the "Account" section, where they can be exchanged for ETH:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

The sale price is different, therefore, the more expensive the miner, the more profit he brings. The administration has already carried out all the necessary calculations, they are presented in the table:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

The table shows the cost of a miner, the amount of resources extracted per day, the cost per unit of mineral and the total income for 30 days. You can buy up to 20 miners to increase profitability.

How to find a lost miner in ETHERO?

When you visit your mine, you will see a notification that you need to see at least 4 ads to collect resources.

Surfing sites are integrated into the game, you need to look at several sites. This is not difficult to do, in the "Ads" section there are blocks:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

Just click on them and wait until the status "Completed" appears. You can use this function to replenish your balance. For viewing sites are paid "points", and they can be easily exchanged for ETH. This is done through the section "Account":

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

It brings not so much surfing sites (at the current rate, about 20 kopecks). After clicking the "Convert" button, a window appears with confirmation:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

The money earned from surfing goes to the wallet (the same place where the deposits come in). With these funds, it is allowed to buy miners and use other functions of the site (for example, add your site to surfing).

Diamond Mining at ETHERO

Only users with a gold account can buy a diamond miner and get diamonds. Its main advantage is its endless life.

It is bought for 0. 35 ETH, a separate section is allocated for resource collection, but there you also need to click on the "heaps" under the employee's legs:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

First 10 days you just get diamonds, then you need to decide which of the options to choose next. For this:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

For an additional fee, the working conditions of the getter are selected. The most profitable option 3. Because for a month you earn 4. 41 ETH, of which 1. 26 ETH comes out clean ($ 380).It is also necessary to take into account the cost of a gold account, commission, but it still goes profitable.

Jewelry shop

Another additional way to passive earnings in the game is to mine gems. They are produced by jewelers who cost 2. 4 ETH each. A separate section “Jewelry shop” is also allocated for them:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

Every day the jeweler brings in one precious stone, which in exchange bring 0. 1 ETH. The lifespan is 30 days, i.e. there is a profit of 3 ETH or 0. 6 ETH net ($ 180).

At the same time, you can buy up to 10 jewelers, the life span can be extended for 2. 25 ETH, which provides great benefits.

Earnings on referrals in ETHERO

Economic games always offer favorable conditions for cooperation. The project ETHERO is no exception. Here a small amount is paid for each kilogram of resources sold by referrals.

How much is charged? It depends on the status. We have already spoken about them, so we’ll show only the necessary data:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

The game is young and promising, few people managed to register in it, so you have every chance to recruit a large team. In addition, 10 ETH are played out between active partners every month. Links and banners you will find by clicking on this button:

ETHERO game - buy miners, get Esters

Use any means of recruiting referrals. The main thing is not to register on your own link. Alternatively, use the job on the postal service, employees of similar projects, like economic games, and here they also earn cryptocurrency.

Reviews of the game ETHERO

Until the game gained enormous popularity, reviews of ETHERO appear not so active. Judging by the statistics on the site, users order payments daily. Of the few comments on the network, this is what we managed to find:

  • the number of surfing sites available increases every day, this allows you to start earning money without investing. Of course, I have to save for a long time, so I brought the first 0. 025 Ether into the game and bought a cheap miner, I haven’t received any payments yet, I’m waiting until his life expires;
  • I learned about the game their previous project, Bitkomine, marketing is no different, the design is exactly the same. In that game I have a good profit, there are few referrals, I received payments from both sites, I plan to reach a monthly income of 0. 5 ETH;
  • from the start I invested 100 USD in the game, I received 2 times payments, Ethers pay instantly. The main focus is now on referrals, although with a standard account, the conditions suit me. I have no website, I am looking for players through social networks, I have already recruited 250 people to my team.

All negative feedback about ETHERO is just a guess. People say that you will not earn anything here, everything is too complicated, etc. They didn’t even check the system, don’t invest or buy anything. It is foolish to draw conclusions from scratch.

In the game ETHERO there is a purchase of boxes for credits that are bought for Ethereum. I do not recommend using it, since having spent a part of the deposit on them, nothing valuable could be obtained.

The new game ETHERO offers a really interesting way to make money for Ethereum, and due to the well-thought-out marketing, it has serious prospects.

Here, as well as in other games with the withdrawal of money, the funds received from new participants are paid. Only points are not used, paid as much as for yesterday was collected deposits.

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