Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

New crypto money has every chance to repeat the success of Bitcoins. Their course can also skyrocket, so it makes sense to start using them as early as possible.

It’s not worth losing time on thousands of nameless cryptocurrencies, choose only those whose course is quite high and what money is easy to find in all exchangers.

Ethereum cryptocurrency course, mining, wallet - all this is worth knowing, regardless of the purpose of use.

Now the popularity of crypto money created back in 2014 is gradually increasing, and with it the exchange rate is increasing. Many people believe that this is the most promising cryptocurrency.

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

How to create an Ethereum wallet?

When this electronic currency first appeared, its exchange rate was equal to the dollar . Over time, it has increased, but so far nothing like Bitcoin has happened.

At the moment, 1 Ethereum (ETH) is almost 12 dollars:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

The rate of Ethereum continues to grow , it's time to create a wallet to collect this cryptocurrency. This can be done, but it is inconvenient. It is much easier to register to get a multi-currency account.

Balances of different currencies are displayed in your account, in the same place you can open an ETH wallet:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

For convenience, there are buttons for depositing, withdrawing and exchanging inside your account. all cryptocurrency. This is the most convenient way to manage electronic money and does not have to open multiple wallets.

How to mine Ethereum?

Right now you should start earning crypto money, because no one knows when their course will take off. This can be done in several ways, as is the case with other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum earn on mining and through cranes. Let's look at these options:

  1. Mining Ethereum with.

The most popular method of collecting cryptocurrency at the expense of your video card. To get started, you need to download the MinerGate program, run it and select Ethereum for mining. It works fully in automatic mode and does not heavily load the system.

Also invite your friends here to earn 75% of the commission of the system:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

  1. Mining Ethereum with.

The administration of the click sponsor has long suggested that users set up mining on their computers. In April 2016, information appeared on the mining of ETH.

You will receive all the necessary instructions, answers to questions and other useful information, as long as the PC is powerful:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

  1. Ethereum faucets .

For all cryptocurrencies, so-called cranes are created. These are sites where small bonuses are paid for various actions.

Usually, everything is done in the bonus format, you simply go to the resource, enter the captcha and take the money. The number of bonuses is unlimited, but you need to wait until you can collect them again:

- in 2016, the famous Facetbox tap closed and this system replaced it. Here are distributed various cryptocurrencies. Browse the sites in the Faucets List section, and on the Dashboard you monitor your balance.

In order to receive payments, you must specify the wallet number in the Wallet Addresses section. After agreeing on the rules and choosing a currency, click the Request Witdrawal button and get paid.

- you do not need to register, simply enter the number of the Ethereum wallet and enter no more than every 5 minutes to collect small amounts. After entering the account number, you must click Next Step, enter the captcha and click Claim your prize Now.

330-1500 Satoshi are charged. Funds are paid first to the Epay wallet, from there they can be transferred to the main wallet when the minimum salary is 0. 001 ETH.

- every 5 minutes you can collect from 100 to 575 satoshi. Again, registration is not required, just enter the number of the Ethereum wallet. As on the previous site, after going to it, you need to click the Next button, go through the captcha test and click the Claim button.

Funds are immediately credited to the internal account, and payments are ordered in the Withdrawal section. Minimal to output 5000 Satoshi. First, crypto coins are sent to the account of Epay.

- when you go to the site, select Ethereum in the top left menu. Then a form will appear, where you will need to enter the account number from Epay. Bonus collection is available every 5 minutes.

When you go to the site and enter the wallet, press Next Step, then enter the captcha and press another button. Accumulated on 500 Satoshi, again, they are transferred to Epay, from where you can translate them.

Almost all cryptocurrencies evolved along a similar plot. Now Ethereum is more popular than ever, make efforts to earn this money, they have great chances to grow at the rate, and this is an ideal option for making serious profits.

  1. Ethereum's earnings on clicks.

The easiest type of earnings on the Internet, with which you can also collect ethers. To start it, register on.

What do you need to do? View advertising sites by clicking on ads. No investment is required, but pay per visit from 0. 7 to 8 Szabo. Links for paid transitions are in the SurfAds section.

To unlock the viewing function when you log in for the first time, visit the Admin Ad Above advertising site:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

The currency rate that users of this site earn is represented on the main page. page - 1 Szabo = 0. 000001 Ethereum. To get paid, you need to collect at least 3500 Clogs. Here you can also attract referrals and get up to 80% for their clicks.

The plus of this type of earnings at the start without investments is a minus in small profitability. If you want to get really a lot of Ethereum, then it is better to use all these methods and services at once.

Cloud mining Ether (Ethereum)

The rate of Ethereum remains quite high, so interest in currency does not disappear. Mining is the best option for collecting coins, however, not everyone has a powerful computer, and you always have to keep it on.

There is an interesting way to get rid of problems and receive substantial deductions - this is cloud mining.

Explaining in simple language, farms are created for the investors' money and power is provided for the money invested. The more you pay, the more you get the power, and this affects the number of mined coins. The most important thing is to choose a proven service, because there are enough scammers here.

There are a couple of projects that are already used by a huge audience. They are proven, money is guaranteed to be paid:

  1. Cloud mining on ethriuma.

A relatively young project on which a different crypto currency is mined. For registration give 50 cents (5 GH / s capacity). They will not disappear anywhere, they will always bring you income. Maximum profitability per day is 6%, minimum 3%.

Go to the calculator and calculate how many coins you will get for certain deposits:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash . Conveniently, the calculations are carried out in dollars. It is allowed to use purchased capacity for simultaneous extraction of different coins.

Support in 7 languages, minimum salary $ 1 (0. 001 BTC). Depending on the crypto currency, this bar may vary. Payments to users come constantly:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

It is easy to make a deposit, you go to the replenishment section, you get the address to which you need to make a transfer. The minimum recharge amount is 1 USD, there are many ways to recharge.

Also, you can attract referrals and get 12% from the first line, 5% from the second and plus 1 Gh / s for each registration.

  1. Ethereum Cloud Mining with.

The second service is much more popular. In 2013, it was launched, and you can extract 20 different currencies through the system. There is a bonus system, every day the user receives a small reward in the chosen currency through the "Faucet" section.

You just need to enter the usual captcha:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

The bonus is calculated in the currency that you earn. You can choose the power and then the bonus will be in them. The best rate for investors is 5 Years Rental. Investing in mining for the next 5 years with a high percentage.

What to get, decide for yourself, the choice here is really big:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

The main advantage of this system is that you can start without investments. You collect bonuses every day and rent power. If you decide to make a deposit, the amount should be above 0. 0001 Bitcoin (for other currencies the minimum salary is different).

Power is bought from one of the accounts where you will have coins:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

As you can see, you can make a contribution even to the bonus Bitcoins you just received. Of course, the income will be minimal, so it is better to invest at least the minimum amount. For payouts, the minimum wage is set to 0. 002 BTC (for other crypto money, the minimum amount is different).

It is much easier to collect Ethers with cloud mining, because you don’t use your computer, you don’t pay for electricity, you don’t think about anything at all. Just put in any amount and get feedback.

Where can I exchange Ethereum for other currencies?

Many exchanges have been created, where crypto money is changed. The rates are different everywhere, exchangers are now also starting to accept cryptocurrency. To avoid manually comparing rates and commissions, use monitoring. On it, you can choose how much money you give and what you want to receive:

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

For example, we chose to transfer the Ethers to the Sberbank card (rubles). A large list of sites on which the exchange of funds is available. There is also an exchange rate, reserve and reviews (negative red, positive green):

Ethereum create a wallet and earn a crypt

As you can see, there really is a difference, because the difference between the first and last exchanger is almost 400 rubles. Why lose this money when you can quickly find the most favorable conditions.

The rate of Ethereum against the ruble and the dollar is constantly changing, you need to follow the latest information so as not to lose even a part of your funds. Earn these crypto money in large quantities, it will turn out with only a few projects.

Choose any sites from this page, they are all working and will help you to collect a bunch of Ethers.

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