Errors with email newsletters, omissions when working with mailings

In addition to the main activity, many Internet workers conduct email dispatches, as this is one of the good sources of traffic and a way to constantly have access to a specific audience of people.

Emails are used not only by online store owners, but also by regular bloggers, sellers of information products and owners of small services.

Is the mailbox database always an effective tool? No, if you make mistakes, the benefits of using mailing lists may not be. This article discusses 7 errors with email newsletters, which can cause a decrease in the quality of your emails sent to recipients.

Errors with email newsletters, omissions when working with mailings

Disadvantages when working with mailings

  1. You only send emails when you need it. It is clear that you use the list for your own benefit, but your subscribers should not guess about it. Why did they subscribe to the newsletter? To get interesting information, follow the news, get great offers and so on. That is why you need to periodically send letters without commercial sense.
  2. Incorrect handling. Each of your letters gets a real person, not a robot, so it makes no sense to use SEO and implement keywords. It will be much better if you compose the text in a welcome and convenient form that encourages the recipient to read the information.
  3. Smaller "I". Very often in the mailing lists you can find the constant use of the pronoun "I", which makes the text is not very high quality. Firstly, it can alienate the reader, and secondly, it is much more difficult to study such a text.
  4. Do not rush to send. After you have compiled the content to be embedded in the letter, do not rush to send it. In some cases, it helps to correct important information, because thoughts may come to you a little later, and there will be more time for checking information.
  5. Know your readers. To make email distribution more efficient, you need to know as much as possible about the recipients of your emails. You can conduct a simple survey and offer a small reward for its passage. It will also help you to divide subscribers into several groups to make separate letters.
  6. Small reminders. By completing the newsletter, for example, with the proposal to purchase goods at a discount, you can make an additional newsletter to the recipients, which will remind you of your offer. The most important thing is to make the reminder short and simple so that it does not look like a second sentence.
  7. Huge letters in the mailing list. Do you want to tell your recipients as much as possible, and therefore you make up huge letters? Are subscribers willing to spend time on it? Know the measure, a lot of unnecessary information can "cloud" the main meaning.

Errors with email newsletters, omissions when working with mailings

Keep your newsletter competently and avoid mistakes that may cause your recipients to look for a link to unsubscribe.

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