Errors when using Vkontakte advertising

Advertising on the Internet is one of the best ways to attract customers, and there are enough services through which it can be launched now.

One of them is Vkontakte advertising, which seems to be too expensive for most users, however, it is also effective.

Errors when using Vkontakte advertising do not allow advertisers to fully appreciate the potential of this tool. Due to various shortcomings in the advertising itself, they do not receive quality transitions and a good envelope, and then they refer to the fact that Vkontakte advertising is a waste of money.

Errors when using Vkontakte advertising

Important points in advertising Vkontakte

  1. High-quality images. You should not add pictures with fine detail, low quality, a dark background or something repulsive to your ad. To advertise hooked and looked beautiful, use large images of thematic items.
  2. Title and text. In the Vkontakte ad unit, the title and a small text are presented, which are one of the main factors for the effectiveness of an ad. Naturally, the title should be catchy and interesting. As for the text, the best way to describe the solution to some common problem.
  3. Several ads. When you replenish your balance, immediately create several advertisements and individually adjust various parameters in them. Newbies often create the same ad units, but what is the use of it? It is better to create different ads and evaluate the results for each of them.
  4. Apply filters. For advertising campaigns, filters are often used, but they are mistakenly combined. Even advertising that will be shown to men and women should be different. It’s also worth adding that interests and categories of interests are also better divided into different announcements.
  5. Audience reach. As far as the strict requirements for the target audience you would not set, you need to make sure that you have sufficient coverage before saving them. If the coverage rate is less than 1000, then it is better to add something, otherwise the advertising campaign will not be sufficiently effective.
  6. Cost per click. When you create an advertising company Vkontakte you will be offered a suitable price per click. Some users underestimate it greatly, and some, on the contrary, underestimate it. It is better not to go far from the proposed price, ideally it should be increased by 1-2 rubles.

Errors when using Vkontakte advertising

Vkontakte advertising will have to spend a rather large amount of money , but it's worth it. If you consider all the subtleties and do not allow mistakes that beginners allow in 80% of cases, then you will be satisfied with the result.

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