Errors when moving to a new site

Webmasters have to deal with various problems. Sometimes it is easier to create a new site than modifying an old one.

This may be due to various reasons, starting with the tolerance of errors in the creation, ending with problems with search engines . Moving to a new resource should be carried out carefully.

What is forgotten when moving to a new site? As practice shows, novice webmasters make a bunch of errors . Most often there is a rush that makes launching a new site even before it is ready for it. There are a few more points to remember.

Errors when moving to a new site

When moving to a new site, you should not hurry

Before the new site starts, all the content should be transferred to it . It is possible that you decide to opt out of some of the information, in this case it is important to check the statistics in order not to remove pages that generate a large share of traffic.

To make it convenient to transfer content, create a new site on a subdomain, having previously closed it from indexing (how to close a site, link, page from indexation). It is better to use all methods of search bots restriction at once. Try to make sure that the page addresses do not change.

This is just one of the helpful recommendations. Do not rush to launch a new resource, it must be fully finalized. Even due to minor flaws, the search engine may have a bad attitude to the site.

Often, when a site is launched, some pages are generated on it, duplicates appear, and so on. From all this it is necessary to get rid immediately

A new website is being created to improve performance, and if it is still unfinished, then there will be no positive changes. In addition, the visitors themselves may run away or face problems when using the resource.

Errors when moving to a new site

7 things that should not be forgotten when changing the site

There are several factors that webmasters most often forget. The consequences of errors can be very different, including the negative perception of the content.

Do not forget to correct even the little things:

  1. Meta tags - in order to avoid problems with SEO, you need to transfer descriptions and headings. Also do not forget about tags for images.
  2. Perelinkovka - with her most problems, if the site has many pages. Solve them will help mass replacement of links on the site.
  3. Redirects - 301 redirects should be installed from the old pages of the site to the new ones. This will help the search bot to find the new address of the old page.
  4. Indexing an old site causes serious problems with promotion, therefore, before launching a new site, it is necessary to hide an old resource from search engines.
  5. Engine - you need to choose for a new resource, taking into account all the requirements. On these issues it is better to consult with experts (use the best SEO forums).
  6. Sitemap and Robots - they are sometimes not created for new sites, and such files should be necessary (you cannot transfer the site map, create a new one).
  7. Connected services - you also need to reconnect. For example, statistics counters and webmasters' panels in search engines.

Errors made while moving may cause your thoughts "It would be better to leave everything as it is." Sometimes you need to do something new, the main thing is to try hard, it may be really easier not to change anything.

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