Errors novice bosses. Proper work with staff

Long and actively working on the development of some business, sooner or later, you will definitely succeed in creating a full-fledged business.

No major project can do without a quality team of professionals, but in many ways the quality of the team’s work depends on who and how it manages.

Beginner bosses' mistakes are most often observed if a person can quickly achieve successful business development. Possessing their own business, but without knowing how to deal with staff, you can destroy all the work invested in business development.

This article will look at 6 errors that occur most often.

Errors novice bosses. Proper work with staff

  1. Equality with the team. Some people simply cannot command their comrades, with whom they laughed at the lunch break and discussed free topics. This is a big drawback, because in this case, every serious meeting will turn into friendly and easy meetings. You need to keep a certain distance from the working team and look for a middle ground between friendship and management.
  2. Enemy collisions. Quite often, the bosses have to deal with a common misunderstanding and negative perception of the team. This happens for various reasons and this is a serious problem. If you observe that your staff hates you, it will not lead to anything good. Begin to build relationships and show your subordinates that you are at one with them.
  3. The boss is the smartest. Without understanding the abilities of one of your team members, you can make a serious mistake by reprimanding him and “poking” him with his nose at mistakes. We all can be wrong and pointing out the shortcomings should be correct. Do not consider yourself the most intelligent, some experts are much better versed in certain cases.
  4. Tight control. Probably, each employee had to face strict control from the authorities. Of course, this is unpleasant and performance in such an atmosphere can be reduced. Without control, you will say, make sure that each worker represents the results of his work, and does not pretend that he works.
  5. An illustrative example. In the view of many, a boss is a person who sits in an armchair, with his feet on the table, and manages the employed people. This approach is not suitable for the boss, because you need to set an example for your employees. Do as much work as possible so that everyone who works for you understands that he also needs to work actively in order to achieve good results.
  6. His people. Having "your" person in a team is good. You will always be aware of the collective opinion, you will be on someone to point a finger for an example and so on. But choosing a pet should be based not on ease of communication, but on professionalism. If an employee fulfills his duties with a bang, then you definitely need to be friends with him.

Not everyone can become a good boss and competently manage staff, and the most difficult thing is to find the balance between hardness and friendliness.

In conclusion, I would like to give useful advice - be objective and when problems arise, do not throw the blame on your subordinates, their mistakes are your lack of attention.

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