Equity Capitalist from Binomo. Prizes from 350 USD

A new share has been launched on the website of the brokerage company Binomo, under the terms of which you can get a cash prize for the highest trade activity rates.

To participate in it, from September 15 to September 30 you need to replenish your trading deposit with 50 USD and be most active in trading.

Prizes from 350 USD to Binomo

Winners will be determined according to trade activity indicators until October 1. The most active will receive prizes from 350 USD, for first place, up to 50 USD, for 5 position.

To take part in the company’s action, you only need to replenish your account before September 30 and you will be automatically added to the list of participants!

To become a winner, you do not need anything beyond the ordinary! Just engage in trading on the Binomo trading platform, get profit from active trading.

Prize-winners will be determined by trade activity, while taking into account unprofitable and profitable positions.

Therefore, for the action "Capitalist" it does not matter how much you earned ! The winners will be determined on October 1 - the automatic system will determine the winners of the promotion and transfer the prize money to the winners' deposits.

Trading activity is also determined by trading turnover - the higher the turnover, the more chances to win!

For all the details and conditions of the promotion, you can also find out the intermediate results here.

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