EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

Traders and investors now have a huge selection on the cryptocurrency market. New coins appear, some projects go into the shadow, others flourish.

In order to correctly select an asset and definitely not stay in the minus, you need to study each coin separately. All of them are interesting, unique and promising in their own way.

Cryptocurrency overview - where to buy, rate, exchanges, forecast and prospects, you will know all this now. Altcoin currently ranks 5th in the global capitalization ranking.

Serious developers with great experience have created a unique platform that is in some sense better than Ethereum.

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

How and when did the EOS cryptocurrency appear?

At one of the cryptocurrency conferences in May 2017, the EOS project was announced by its developer, Dan Larimer.

At that time, he already had experience, as he was the owner of the BitShares exchange, operating since 2014 and the Steemit social network, which has been operating since 2016. Both projects have impeccable reputation.

The cryptocurrency creator stated that the accumulated experience helped him and his team take on a more serious matter - launching the project on the blockchain.

Active work helped to implement software through which even complex decentralized systems (applications, exchanges, social networks, etc.) can be quickly launched.

Initially, the network supported from 1000 to 6000 operations per second, but over time this figure is planned to increase, up to a million transactions per second. Plus, the developers plan to completely eliminate the commission.

Officially registered company Block. one (in the Caymans), is the owner of the EOS project. 50 employees work on it. Initially, an ICO company was held, investments were attracted through the sale of tokens.

Of the total issue, the company keeps 100 million coins for itself, in order to exclude monopolism and course manipulation (like in Bitcoin).

EOS cryptocurrency today

EOS has a high liquidity, and according to the capitalization, the project has already bypassed such popular cryptocurrencies as Litecoin, Monero, Tron, Cardano and many others. High positions are provided by active injecting of money into development, obtained from the sale of tokens.

The main competitor is Ethereum, but it has lower throughput and higher commissions.
Coin holders get a lot of opportunities, but the influence directly depends on how many coins are in the account.

They can charge a fee for internal operations, participate in the voting on the development of the system, get access to the repository on the blockchain, participate in airplanes within the project, and even receive dividends from the company's income in the future.

Cash infusions from investors continue, today EOS is one of the most promising altcoins. In addition, the coin is supported by almost all cryptocurrency exchanges.


Course and News Over the past year the rate of the coin has increased by 600%. From July to November 2017, quotes were kept at $ 1, now the cost is $ 6.

And this is after the cryptocurrency boom at the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018, when the rate reached $ 21. 5. Despite the correction and other factors, investors still got a profit and quite good:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

Experts' forecasts are promising, they are not recommended to sell coins now. The latest EOS news talks about the launch of a new developer collaboration platform, the transfer of large systems to the EOS blockchain, the tokenization through EOS of many companies, and so on.

In general, the growth potential is definitely there and it is supported in the crypto community.

Benefits and features of EOS

The project is based on the ProofofStake protocol, which helps solve a lot of problems (in particular, scalability). To confirm transactions, one of the network members is selected.

Nodes are selected by the number of coins, the greater the balance in the wallet, the higher the probability of becoming a "witness" of the operation.

With the help of the DPoS algorithm, developers manage to keep commissions low and increase throughput. Without increasing the load, it can scale to any size. But these are not all the important factors of EOS :

  • the developers made it so that you can easily change the code at any of the stages, which allows you to conveniently improve and modernize the system;
  • users are offered a convenient interface for developing decentralized applications;
  • regardless of system load, the speed of work remains high. This is not affected by the many running projects;
  • ICOs launched via EOS are allocated a year. During this time, investors will definitely have time to figure out the prospects for a startup;
  • here are using smart contracts Ethereum, and this ensures high security when performing transactions with the EOS coin.

The developers took the project seriously, managed to create a truly unique and high-quality platform. However, there are problems too, you need to talk about them separately.

Criticism of EOS

The first thing everyone should know about is Dan Larimer's reputation. No one doubts his abilities, this is a first-class specialist. However, both projects that he developed were left without him. From his posts, he left even at the stages of formation, after which they lost ground.

If you look at the latest EOS news, there are also some doubts - drops in different ratings, finding bugs in the code, as well as numerous expert statements.

Many people do not like the lack of transparency of the project, which is also managed by a large company.

Nodes are defined to confirm transactions by voting in wallets. This system allows you to achieve maximum throughput, because users choose the best option. However, the most cunning coin holders can compete for rewards.

So, Vitaly Buterin (creator of Ethereum) criticized the idea. In his opinion, the race may start for big money.

Firstly, due to the small influence on the elections, many simply will not participate in them. Secondly, a vote purchase company can start, aimed at receiving a reward.

There were quite a few similar statements from well-known people in the crypto community. But the most important nuance is the work of the company.

According to the calculations of one analytical department, tokens have already brought more than 2 billion dollars, but the project is not developing with all this money. They are under the personal control of Block. one and no one can control the distribution.

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

How to mine EOS?

It is impossible to get coins in the usual way - through video cards or processors. The DPoS algorithm is used, i.e. the delegated proof of share.

This means that a node is creating new blocks, and it is determined in the voting process. As a rule, these are owners of a large number of EOS coins.

The 51% attack is completely eliminated. The selected nodes verify and create blocks that are added to the Blockchain. They are included in random order.

Delegates only have the right to create and add transaction blocks. They can not change the data or somehow affect the transaction.


cryptocurrency wallet The developers do not offer an official wallet, recommending only a complex account format that can be managed through the address bar. For beginners, this option does not exactly fit.

EOS coins are created on Ethereum, refer to the ERC20 standard, so they can be stored on any Ethereum wallet with support for tokens. Before you buy this cryptocurrency, you will definitely need a wallet, you can open it through:

  • most popular Ethereum wallet with support for Myetherwallet tokens;
  • browser extension (in this case, the key stored on the computer);
  • hardware wallet Ledger Nano S (the safest option);
  • cryptocurrency exchange (the largest exchange with several levels of protection).

Myetherwallet online wallet is convenient and simple, but the key is safe when using the extension. On the Binans stock exchange, it is even more convenient to keep coins, besides they can be exchanged here.

The hardware wallet will remain the best option, because only it provides enhanced security.

How to buy EOS for rubles, dollars?

The liquidity of coins is high, they are bought in different ways - from individuals, through exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges. The quickest and easiest option - exchange points. You can find them through.

Free service helps to find a profitable course. Go to it and simply choose which currency you are ready to pay for coins:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

You need to select one of the exchangers, indicate the amount on the website and make a regular transfer. If payment systems are used, they can simply request payment confirmation.

If you buy EOS from a card (for example, Sberbank), you will need to fill out a form with its holder's data and transfer money to the account provided:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

inferior to Bitcoin, so for now not many exchangers support this altcoin. As you can see, far from all directions here you can find services in general.

Therefore, cryptocurrency exchanges are most often used to buy coins. Of the largest and most popular, we select:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

It is possible to find a more favorable rate through exchanges than on exchangers. Commission will be 0. 1-0. 25 percent of the deal. This is the best option for investors and traders, but will have to perform a little more action.

As for private transactions with real people outside the stock exchanges, they can be conducted without commission, but security is low.

Buying EOS through cryptocurrency exchanges

While there are few exchangers supporting this token, and exchange rates are more profitable. Beginners better learn how to work with exchanges, the more they are useful for buying other coins. It is not so difficult, and so that you don’t get confused, let's show an example with the service:

  1. You go through the standard registration on the site, log in and go to your wallet. Different balances will be presented there, replenish the account with fiat money:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

  1. Depending on the chosen currency, different deposit options will be offered:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

  1. You refill the account, go to the trading platform, where you can find pairs with EOS through the search form. If you replenished your account in rubles, you can transfer them to Bitcoins or dollars through the Exmo internal exchanger. While EOS change only to USD or BTC:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

  1. Select the desired pair and fill out the order form. So on the exchange creates a request for an exchange, where you can specify your price and number of coins. Orders for the sale of coins are also created in the same way (it will be useful to you in the future to exchange for fiat money):

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

  1. If nobody is selling EOS at the price you specify, the application is in the list of orders. We'll have to wait for counter offers. Save time and immediately select another user’s order, the lists are on the same page:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

  1. The last step is not necessary because you can store EOS on the exchange . This is not safe enough, so investors should better transfer the coins to a previously created wallet:

EOS Cryptocurrency - Detailed Review, Course, News, Forecast

Transactions are also conducted on other exchanges in a similar pattern. The only point is that not every one of them supports the national currency. For example, orders at Binans are more profitable, but there it is impossible to deposit rubles or dollars into the account.

Therefore, you must first do it at Eksmo, transfer Fiat to Bitcoins, and then transfer them to Binance to buy EOS. You can replenish your account with Bitcoins through exchangers, but there you already need to calculate commissions and take into account the rate, so as not to incur additional costs.

Forecast of cryptocurrency EOS

The course of the coin directly depends on the actions of the developers. If their system is really high-speed and it does not have the same problems as its counterparts, the quotes will definitely delight investors.

In the meantime, it is difficult to draw conclusions, but it is simply impossible to argue with the fact that the price of altcoin has increased 6 times since launch.

If you combine the experts' assumptions, then in the perspective of until 2020, the rate should rise to $ 25 -50 $ . Few people say about the fall of the quotation and most often connects it with the lack of transparency in the distribution of funds received by the company.

Huge capitalization shows high investor interest. The project invested serious money.

The potential in the project is also seen by the major players in the crypto market. If the development goes according to the plan of the developers and they really succeed in implementing all the stages, according to the promises, this will be a fresh round of the blockchain.

Now it is definitely worth investing in EOS, but you need to constantly follow the news, because the guarantees are vague.

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The EOS forecast is not confident enough for you? At the very least, this coin is ideal for short-term investments. If Larimer does not fall in the eyes of investors and still implements everything conceived, the course will definitely grow.

In the meantime, EOS continues to occupy high places in Chinese ratings of cryptocurrencies, where it has long bypassed Bitcoin.

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