Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

More and more interesting projects are being created under cryptocurrency, and some of them offer the simplest methods of earning. We have already told about the collection of cryptocurrency, for this you can use mining or cranes.

There are no difficulties for beginners, but there are even more simple methods.

Website - Bitcoin earnings on captcha, which may be easier than typing characters from pictures. This system works stably, the feedback about it is only positive.

We note right away that the profitability is not high, you need to understand that the simplest work on the network is being offered. But no investment is necessary.

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

How Claimers works. io?

Unlike cranes (such as), you don’t have to wait until the timer runs out between the bonus collections. Allocate free time and work as you see fit. In fact, an ordinary tap, only when it is used, a third-party resource is used, and satoshi are charged from it.

For entering captcha on this site, an average of 10-40 Satoshi is paid for each guessing . Which is a little more than payment for entering captcha on Russian-language recognition services.

They launched the system in 2017, the design is simple, the interface is convenient, but there is no Russian language. Registration is not required here; it is enough to enter the number of your BTC wallet on the main page:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

Payments will come to it later. Not so long ago, developers have completely changed the system of collecting bonuses. Now it has become more complex, but also more profitable. It is necessary to use a third-party resource for captcha recognition.

But we will provide the necessary instructions so that you can get started without any problems.

Read claimers io posting on Facebook, through the official page. There are the latest news and other useful information.

A PC version and a mobile application are available for users. In terms of rewards, there is no difference, so work from any device, as you prefer.

How to set up Claimers. io?

Previously, all actions were performed directly in the system interface, but now you have to figure it out. It is unlikely that a novice, without knowledge of foreign languages, will be able to figure out exactly what needs to be done.

The RAIBLOCKS service is used for work, and the captcha is introduced on it. You need to continue to work until you reach the amount that you transfer to the account in Claimers.

They offer to work according to 2m schemes. In the main menu you will find sections Claim and Pool Claim. In the first case, the enrollment will have to wait a long time, but the rates for the captcha are increased.

When using Pool Claim, Satoshi is credited much faster, but the rewards are reduced. So, what you need to do to get started:

  1. More profitable Bitcoin earnings on Captcha Claim.

After logging in to the site, users can access the main menu from the top. There are two buttons to go to earnings on entering the captcha:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

We choose the first method Claim. A page opens, at the bottom of which is the Generate button. On RAIBLOCKS, where you earn money on captcha, money is paid out in XRB currency, therefore, you will first be given a special account number for collecting coins (they are automatically transferred to Satoshi):

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

On Right now, you need to earn 100 XRB in order for them to be transferred to Satoshi on the Claimers website. We press the button under the received address and get to the page where you need to specify the purse number. Immediately, the work on captcha input begins immediately:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

Just enter the characters, not paying attention to the changes in the balance, because at first you will not notice anything. There are 2 functions under the captcha, the first is the night mode (dark background), it is better to remove the second checkbox, because according to it you agree to give a part of the development reward to the developers.

  1. Faster earning Bitcoin on captcha input Pool Claim.

When using the second method of earning money, the exact same actions are performed on the captcha. The only difference is that the wallet is temporary and the rates are reduced. The only reason to use it is accelerated payment processing.

When you go to the Pool Claim section, you will see 4 blocks:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

The first one shows the number of captcha entered, the second one is the reward for one captcha, then the balance goes. The last block displays the status of your XRB wallet. There should be the value YES, with the status NO, it is necessary to generate a new account.

Claimers. io pays, verified!

To receive payment from this project, you need to collect at least 10 000 Satoshi . Then you need to go to the Withdrawals section, where the withdrawal amount is entered (you specified the wallet during registration):

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

The payment history is also displayed here. As you can see, 0.0002 BTC was put to a conclusion.The commission was charged, but it still turned out to be profitable, the income amounted to almost 50 rubles:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

Such screens often appear on the network along with reviews. Everyone writes that payments are coming, so the audience of the project is growing rapidly.

Earnings with Claimers. io without captcha

As on any other site for earning electronic money, there is an affiliate program here. Invite referrals and will receive 15% of their income. Please note rewards are credited once at the end of the day.

The link for attraction is in the appropriate section:

Entering captcha for bitcoins on claimers. io how to configure

Now everyone wants to earn Bitcoins easily, which is really simple on a captcha. Use any method of attracting referrals. Recently, the commission on ref. The system has been restored.

Claimers Reviews. io

Judging by the reviews, after reworking the project and changing the captcha input function, some problems have appeared. People complain that errors often pop up. While I was testing the system, I did not notice anything like that, everything is working fine, and most importantly, the payments are coming.

The reviews also note a low yield, allegedly having to work too long to accumulate 10,000 Satoshi (minimum salary). What did you want when using the simplest method of earnings? If you receive 40 Satoshi in Claim mode, then to collect the minimum amount you will have to enter 250 captchas.

According to the current exchange rate, 10,000 satoshi is 27 rubles, it turns out for 1000 introduced captchas almost 120 rubles come out. On the same or pay 40 rubles ($ 0. 5) for the same work.

By the way, both of these projects can also be used to earn Bitcoin on a captcha, they make payments in cryptocurrency.

Some users are waiting for Claimers. io something supernatural, but this is a simple service for making money on captcha. Bitcoins here really pay, and the main advantage of the system is the opportunity to win on changing courses.

If Bitcoin continues to grow, Satoshi collected here will bring you more rubles (dollars).

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