Engine or pure HTML, what to choose?

Each webmaster decides how to create a website independently.

It is more convenient for someone to manually write the page code, for someone to use special programs, and some practically shield yourself from this using site engines. There are pros and cons to each method, and to evaluate them better before starting work.

What to choose, pure HTML or CMS? A controversial issue that is often discussed on the forums.

There are supporters of different ways, and the best option is to combine the engine and your own knowledge in HTML. Why? Because the engines are not perfect, and if you are well versed in the code, you can fix a lot.

Engine or pure HTML, what to choose?

Manual control of the site or use of CMS?

With the advent of free engines, thousands of websites started appearing on the Internet every day.

It’s not hard to explain, because at the expense of CMS, even a beginner can develop a resource in just a couple of hours. Of course, the quality of such sites is difficult to compare with the written sites on HTML (if the professional worked), but they also function.

Looking through the opinions of experienced webmasters in various forums, you can see that most prefer engines. Why? There are quite a few reasons:

  • projects such as WordPress are the best CMS, distributed with a free license;
  • for each popular engine you can find detailed instructions on the Internet;
  • due to CMS popularity, even if you don’t understand something, you can get answers from professional forums;
  • quite a few extensions have been developed for engines, for example, you can create a mobile version of a WordPress site;
  • a lot of time is saved on publishing content, due to the built-in editors;
  • you don’t need to write the code yourself; it generates automatically when creating a new page;
  • there are a lot of design templates in the network, some of them are distributed free of charge;
  • you need to know HTML in order to run the resource.

These are not all the positive aspects of using engines, but there are also disadvantages. They are much smaller, and the main one is the level of security.

The fact is that attackers can find “holes” in the templates or the CMS itself, and then use vulnerabilities to hack thousands of sites.

Such cases are not rare, so you need to bring the code to mind beforehand and try before fraudsters to determine where the weak points in the code are.

Engine or pure HTML, what to choose?

Why do some people choose pure HTML?

The advantages of this option make many webmasters refuse to use CMS. The main ones are:

  • fast speed, by eliminating everything superfluous from the code;
  • by writing the code, you can implement any ideas, the engines still impose restrictions;
  • attackers cannot look at the source code, which means that finding “holes” is much more difficult;
  • even though CMS is becoming more and more multifunctional, not any site can be created on them;
  • as practice shows, projects created on the engines, more difficult to move forward (some even notice the difference, depending on the used CMS);
  • make changes I am much easier on the website "do-it-yourself", because you have a clear idea of ​​its structure;
  • you decide for yourself whether to use the block or table layout design.

It is difficult for a beginner to develop a quality website in pure HTML, first you have to understand the markup language. In addition, from the version of HTML 5, it became a full-fledged programming language, which greatly complicated its use, but at the same time opened up many new possibilities for webmasters.

Deciding how to create a website, on HTML or CMS, you need on your own. We have considered the pros and cons in this article, so making the right decision is much easier.

And best of all, study hypertext and simultaneously run a resource on the engine in order to evaluate both options and figure out what suits you best.

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