Email newsletters, how to make email mailings?

There are many types of traffic sources, as well as options for customer support on the Internet, and all this is combined by Email.

At the expense of an impressive subscriber base and well-written letters, you can get excellent results. The only difficulty is to learn how to conduct effective mailing is not so simple.

This article will present 10 tips to email newsletters that will help beginners understand some of the intricacies. If you want to make sense of your newsletters, be sure to understand these recommendations.

Email newsletters, how to make email mailings?

How to make email dispatches correctly?

  1. Never buy subscriber databases, you need to build them yourself. Even if the topic of your newsletter is as close as possible to that used by another author, letters can be sent to spam and perceived by recipients as an unpleasant advertisement.
  2. Be sure to think about how often you will send letters to recipients, and what they will contain. Be careful, choosing the style and frequency, it will need to be maintained constantly.
  3. Manual mailing has not been used for a long time, and many useful tools have been developed for sending letters. One of them is a smartresponder. ru - the choice of the majority of Internet entrepreneurs. With it, you can not only send letters, but also perform other actions.
  4. Be sure to divide the bulk of subscribers into separate groups. For example, they can be divided by gender, age or prescription of the last purchase. This is necessary in order to create the most effective letter for the participants of a certain audience.
  5. Learn the rules for creating high-quality emails for distribution, but do not forget that you need to gain experience and constantly experiment. Try to use different content, change the design, etc., and most importantly, watch the statistics.
  6. When writing a letter, take content writing seriously. There should be no errors in the newsletter, the information should be interesting and relevant. Otherwise, most subscribers will unsubscribe very quickly.
  7. Naturally, you will want to advertise as much of your advertising as possible when conducting a newsletter, but this should be done carefully. Frequent advertising via email is the most common reason for unsubscribing, so try alternating advertising letters with at least three informational letters.
  8. Show an individual approach to each subscriber, and due to automated systems you can set up automatic delivery of letters on specific dates. For example, to congratulate one of the clients on his birthday.
  9. Come up with some kind of chip for your mailing so that it adds originality to you, and the subscribers were looking forward to the new letter. For example, it can include lists of the best products, discounts and much more.
  10. The final tip is the ongoing verification of statistical data via email newsletter. Check what percentage of the opening of letters, how many of them were sent to spam, what the conversion was, the number of unsubscribers, etc.

Email newsletters, how to make email mailings?

With proper maintenance of Email mailing it can be much more effective than receiving traffic from search engines. Of course, you will not be able to expand it without search engines, but it is much easier to work with subscriber databases, as they are more prepared for the transaction, due to preliminary letters and self-subscription to the newsletter.

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