Electronic dependence, problems of dependence on electronics

Modern technologies are quite simply established in our daily life, and in some cases we cannot imagine what would have happened if there had not been this or that convenient tool in our hands. Unfortunately, many people not only derive benefit from modern technologies, but also experience electronic dependence.

Now you immediately remove yourself from the lists of people with electronic addiction. Naturally, no one wants to consider himself "sick", but statistics show that this problem has reached enormous proportions.

Cellular communications, the Internet, and computer games are just a small list of what electronic dependence can appear on. Scientists have long divided various types of e-dependence.

Electronic dependence, problems of dependence on electronics

Electronics Dependency Problems

  1. Cellular Communications. The most common syndrome in the field of cellular communication is phantom vibration syndrome. According to statistics, about 70% of people using cellular communication experience it. It manifests itself in the frequent illusions that a vibrating cell phone is nearby. Surely you had it when you reach into your pocket and reach for the phone to answer, but it turns out that it seemed to you. Yes, this is not the worst "disease", however, it proves our dependence on cell phones.
  2. Internet. Doctors all over the world are actively discussing that Internet addiction must be aligned to real diseases . If you are depressed when you do not have access to the Internet, your mood quickly deteriorates and communication problems appear, this indicates serious problems. Internet dependence is observed all over the world, but not everywhere they are trying to actively fight it.
  3. Social networks. Dependence on social networks is a subtype of Internet addiction, which is actively developing in our time. A huge number of people spend on social networks most of their free time. In addition, the rising generation is simply impossible to “tear off” from social networks, in which there is a mass of interesting content, virtual communication and online games.
  4. Computer games. How long have you been in online games? If this happened more than a week ago, then we can say that you are healthy. Every day there are more and more interesting and exciting games that make PC users useless to waste their time in huge quantities. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to deal with this problem and it is very often found among modern youth.

Electronic dependence, problems of dependence on electronics

The dependence on electronics is obvious, we use different devices every day that make our lives simpler. As for computers, they represent a great danger. A long stay at the computer leads to a lot of diseases, including those that create the risk of life.

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