Electronic bidding for bankruptcy, what you need to know about them?

Almost everyone knows that auctions are held in which goods are sold at reduced prices, arrested by banks or other financial organizations.

This is a real opportunity to save on the purchase of a large consignment of goods, cars, real estate, and so on, but to accept participation in them requires something to do.

Bidding for bankruptcy - earnings at auctions, which can start every person. I would just like to say that it is better to enter this sphere with a serious start-up capital.

Imagine that some sporting goods store went bankrupt and sells all goods in bulk? Naturally, their cost will amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Electronic bidding for bankruptcy, what you need to know about them?

Not many people know that the bidding is taking place right now, and someone is buying goods for them.

Unfortunately, to become bankrupt simply and in difficult times for us, many entrepreneurs simply do not stand up to the onslaught. They have to declare themselves bankrupt and, with a hammer, let everything that was once bought.

To be able to participate in the auction for bankruptcy, you must obtain an electronic digital signature. It costs money, and you can learn more about it at.

They also help with its design. If you explain it simply and quickly, then you will be given the right to conclude agreements on the purchase of property of bankrupt companies (an EDS costs 6,900 rubles).

Immediately after this, you can proceed to search for lots on special sites. Be careful, choose only those offers that are in your city, otherwise you will have to pay for transportation or personally go to another settlement to pick up the goods.

Bidding sites for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy auctions work according to the simplest scheme. After evaluating the property of the company, a certain value is established.

Then the lot opens and a ransom is offered to everyone. If no one is interested in the offer, the cost is reduced by a few percent and the auction is repeated.

Such large companies as Sberbank hold bidding for bankruptcy. You can see right now what property of some bankrupt companies are ready to be auctioned to:

Electronic bidding for bankruptcy, what you need to know about them?

By the name of the object of purchase it is clear which type of goods are. Also indicated is the initial price of the contract and there is additional information.

You can simply click on the document icon on the left to see the details of the transaction. There is also a contract in the list of documents, download it and understand the conditions .

Lots must be chosen carefully, because they may not be profitable. To have a wide choice, use different sites for electronic bankruptcy:

  • ;
  • ;
  • .

When you select a lot, you will need to submit an application. This is also not so easy to do, you will need to prepare:

  • make a copy of your passport;
  • copy of the TIN;
  • copy of the deposit receipt;
  • application in electronic format;
  • deposit agreement (available on the lot description page).

I would like to say separately about the application. So that you do not have to search for it or write from scratch, you can simply fill in the necessary information.

Electronic bidding for bankruptcy, what you need to know about them?

Specifics of the bid for bankruptcy

The topic is serious and it requires a detailed description. In general, you already need to understand the essence, so now we will examine some important factors:

  1. You cannot rush into purchases, you need to be well-versed in the market for those goods that are purchased, otherwise you will not be able to evaluate their liquidity.
  2. The best bankruptcy auction site. On it everything is detailed and there is information for training.
  3. It is quite possible to buy a car at a bankruptcy auction, simply indicate the required query in the search at one of the sites (you can even specify a brand).
  4. To contact the person who will give more information on the lot, see the contacts of the organizer (do not try to contact the bankrupt company employees).
  5. In addition to goods, receivables are offered at auctions. Alternatively, you can earn on this, but it's risky.

There are no serious difficulties for bidders, but they will have to work a little to get an EDS, find a really good lot and make a deal.

Think before you enter this difficult niche. If you would like to save on small purchases, it is easier to use the Bonusmall auction.

Bankruptcy auctions help save large sums of money, but you need to understand that there are a lot of people in this niche who constantly monitor fresh lots and try to buy goods at a reduced price. Nevertheless, there is a sense to go shopping for bankruptcy.

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