effective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

effective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

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  1. BuzzBundle Definition
  2. Who benefits from this software
  3. The most important functions of BuzzBundle
  4. Versions of BuzzBundle
  5. Operating principle with software


BuzzBundle is software for SMM specialists , companies and bloggers, with the help of which you can organize automation of work in social networks, forums, video hosting, answer services and questions, etc. Through the program you can monitor many profiles in various social media, make characters for them, communicate on their behalf and show other activities tons of different persons.

The main advantage of BuzzBundle is continuous interaction with social networks in automatic mode. In other words, using the software, you can create the illusion of online activity throughout the day, even if you spend only a couple of hours a day working with accounts.

Who benefits from this software

In general, it is useful to everyone who is somehow connected with running an online business. It is used by SMM managers and agencies, SEOs, celebrities and their managers, owners, employees and managers of offline organizations and businesses, individual entrepreneurs, bloggers and site owners, marketers, etc.

For example, you can do several accounts that will represent different employees (for example, the company manager, his secretary, etc.). From these profiles can make publications and communicate with customers just one person responsible for their management.

In addition, the BuzzBundle program keeps track of brand references in social media, which makes it possible to neutralize negative feedback and solve customer problems in time, create a positive company image and track customer needs.

The most important functions of BuzzBundle

  • Creating characters and their profiles in various social networks;

effective profile management in social networks - Profit Huntereffective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

  • use of profiles already created in the program;
  • search for references (publications, comments) by specified keywords;
  • auto-publishing at a specified time and days;
  • commenting, writing private messages, repost - all this can be done from the BuzzBundle window;

effective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

  • the ability to find links in social media to a given site, as anchor (for example, with an anchor in the form brand name), and bezakornye (in the form of the URL address);
  • Waiting for references to competitive brands;
  • simple use of various accounts without the need to log in to the browser, enter a login and password;
  • automatically post from different users in one click;
  • specify location , uploading photos, shortening the url for publications;
  • protection against blocking accounts by IP address;
  • your own Internet browser with many functions;
  • many filters and desktop settings.

The functions listed above are just the basic things that BuzzBundle can do. In fact, its functionality is much broader. You will see for yourself as soon as you start using the software.

effective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

In general, it does what can be done manually, but much faster, and also does work that it is almost impossible to realize with your hands (for example, to find all references to a brand or to plan posting for a while).

BuzzBundle Versions

The software can be used for free with a limited set of features, or for a fee in two versions - Professional and Enterprise (at the time of writing this post is still in development). All 3 versions include the following functionality without restrictions:

  • unlimited number of social profiles;
  • adding and creating accounts right in the BuzzBundle window;
  • easy profile management with fast switching between them;
  • unlimited number of Internet resources with which it is possible to work in the program;
  • autopublishing to blogs, forums, social networks (incl. Twitter, Vkontakte, Google+ and etc.);
  • retweets;
  • sending messages to users;
  • using a proxy;
  • auto-updating.

In paid versions, you can create an unlimited number of characters (in free - only 2), save the history of all perfect communications in social media, track company references without restrictions, save reports to your hard drive and send them via e-mail. mail. You can download the free version or buy it on the official website.

The principle of operation with the software

The general idea of ​​working with BuzzBundle can be expressed by the following scheme:

effective profile management in social networks - Profit Hunter

At the same time, the first 3 steps need to be performed without using the program.

  • We are developing a strategy. The most important stage, without which the entire SMM campaign makes no sense. We define specific goals, stages of their achievement and all actions in the smallest details that can be implemented using software.
  • Preparing characters. It is important to make them as realistic and interesting as possible for your target audience. You should also prepare the appropriate content and strategy for each of them.
  • We are registering. Although registration is also possible by software, it is better to conduct it directly through the browser, since this is how you fill out the profile in more detail.
  • We select keywords. These may be words related or not related to your brand, product or service. Indirect requests also play a very important role. You must understand what your target audience is interested in and the answers to which questions it is looking for. This is necessary to build bridges with potential customers.

Thus, BuzzBundle is a multifunctional tool that allows you to work with many Internet projects at once, improving brand awareness and quoting a site in various social media. Even in the free version of the program there are many useful features to start. Using software, you will increase traffic from social networks and strengthen your position in the online arena.

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