Effective models for creating selling texts

A popular type of promotional materials and orders from copywriters are selling texts. They are actively used by sellers and businessmen, but they themselves can not always prepare such material.

Professionals take decent money to develop these articles, and they use the same advertising models .

The most common form is the AIDA structure. Although many of her and excuse, anyway in the end it turns out something similar.

Professionals do not sit back, they come up with new formats, using the old models. Analogues of AIDA - advertising models PPP and QUEST, an example of finalizing effective reception in marketing.

Effective models for creating selling texts

Sales for the QUEST model

It is not necessary to have a talent for writing advertising texts. The selling text is effective advertising, and with the help of ready-made models you can do without ordering the services of professionals.

Each letter in the word QUEST denotes a specific action (this model is also called APORT):

  • Q is embrasure, in other words, we write the introductory text to weed out the excess visitors and interest only target audience.
  • U - we understand, paying attention to the problems faced by the target audience and describe them in detail.
  • E - we train, explaining that there is a solution to the problem. Be sure to suggest that you have already found the best solution.
  • S - teasing, making a great offer. If necessary, we can remind of the global problem.
  • T - pushing, the reader of the selling text is already ready to place an order, so you need to add a clear call to action.

Explaining briefly how the scheme works - the copywriter entices with a bright headline, eliminates the untargeted audience in the introduction, makes it clear that the problem is close to him, suggests its solution and guides the potential client to certain actions. It's simple, and what words you will achieve your goals, decide for yourself.

Effective models for creating selling texts

PPP selling text model

The second model has a good reputation. In general, they are all similar to AIDA, so it makes no sense to talk about it.

It is suitable for any niche, here the abbreviation of the three P also stands for:

  1. Pull Them In - we attract attention with a bright title, we involve the reader with an interesting introduction.
  2. Prove Your Case - the problem is indicated, it is described in more detail and we prove that there is a solution.
  3. Push Them To Act - we set up a potential buyer and push for a deal.

In theory, the use of advertising models looks simple, but in fact, not everyone succeeds in creating high-quality sales texts for them. Be sure to define your target audience, and also select the right words and phrases.

Which selling text model is the most effective? No one will answer this question. All of them are invented for the diversity of the structure, the goals are the same everywhere. Therefore, use all kinds and also use different models to not write the same thing.

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