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When sending emails to users, you need to be sure that it will be open and read, because otherwise you will be wasting time.

Writing a competent letter is not the easiest process, since you need to take into account some subtleties.

An effective e-mail should immediately arouse the interest of the recipient, and when opening it, the user should not have additional thoughts. To compose such a letter, you will have to take into account several important factors, which we will discuss in this article.

Effective Email | Workion. ru

How to make effective letters?

  1. Attractive heading. The first thing the recipient of the letter pays attention to is its headline. The more interesting it is, the more likely it is to open a letter. Learn the secret of successful headlines and put it into practice.
  2. Volume of text. To get an effective letter, you need to find the golden mean of its volume. On the one hand, several sentences may not be sufficiently informative, but on the other hand, no one will want to read a large amount of text, since it requires a lot of time.
  3. Personal appeals. In some forms of subscription there is a column "Your name", and it is added for a reason. By adding the recipient's name, you can personalize the call to the user. Use special scripts to automate this process. When the recipient does not receive a template letter, his loyalty to you increases.
  4. First paragraph. The beginning of the letter must be easy to learn. Present general information and make it so as to generate interest. Reading the first paragraph should make the recipient read the letter to the end.
  5. Second paragraph. Do not stretch the text strongly, try to meaningfully present to the recipient the purpose of your appeal in the second paragraph. Do not forget about the main rule, for your purposes there should be no "I" or "we", present the reader with benefits for his side.
  6. The final part. At the end of your letter, summarize. You can make a simple bulleted list with the results that the reader will receive after using the information from the letter. In addition, supplement the conclusion with gratitude and farewell.

Effective Email | Workion. ru

The effectiveness of letters composed with all these factors in mind is obvious. First, you arouse interest by the catchy headline, then develop it with the first paragraph, tell about the goals and summarize.

Try writing letters in different ways to determine the most effective options.

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