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Last fall, I turned my attention to the largest segment of the Internet - English-speaking, better known among webmasters as burzhunet. The size of the online advertising market is so huge that you start to get lost where to start and how to work here. You want to do something white, reliable, and that would be a passive income. I immediately thought about making an SDL, but what’s the problem here? After all, where do not look - everything about everything is already there. Yes, and then how to monetize this SLL, except for Adsense? If we are already focused on adsense, then it will be necessary to rivet the MFA, select keywords, order a bunch of text. And due to the latest changes in Google’s algorithms, 90% of MFAs are subject to sanctions, so it looks like it’s not an option either. Leafing through the catalog of partners for burzhunet, I saw this one: Edu-Profit. com - affiliate program for writing essay and any academic work.

Registered, read their promo section, which explains for this niche. It turns out that one does not need to have a website with student traffic, for example, on the topic “examples of essay”, but you can immediately promote your shop, on the subject of paid writing of student essays and other works. In the US, it seems to be seriously struggling with plagiarism and cheating, not like our course project can be downloaded and passed to five from the first link in Google. This makes students look for where to buy or order an essay for themselves, because if you give what you downloaded on the Internet for your own, you can fly out of the university completely!

Just as the market for such services and orders grows from year to year in year. You can see this for example by driving HF into google. trends:
Edu-Profit. com - affiliate program for writing essay and any academic work - Profit Hunter

As can be seen from the graph, over the course of the year, the number of queries constantly rises, then falls. This is due to the fact that the niche of writing paid essay is seasonal. All students order their work before the session or deadline, which is regulated in the West. As can be seen from the graph - search query booms always fall in April-May and October-November. Accordingly, the time of orders!

It is also clear that the market is growing steadily every year, more and more students are thinking about ordering their homework than doing it themselves, instead of arranging their personal life or do other interesting things.

This is all well and good, but still how to make money on this affiliate program and this niche? The affiliate has taken care of this and every SEO will find there what it needs for him: converting keywords, themes for WordPress tailored for landing pages for better conversion, templates for doorway pages, banners, forms and order calculators, so that you can pay directly on your website. All you need to work on the seo front.

I think according to this amount of promotional materials, each webmaster already knows what to do: make a website-blog about writing various types of academic works, honed under search engines posts with low frequency queries, and under the text an order calculator, in order to the user did not even need to click on the banner, but immediately place an order and pay from the site. And then once a week put down a couple of links to these records and get your passive income. Why passive? Because the topic is white, and in the future every year the resource will receive more and more trust from Google, respectively more visitors, and therefore more orders. In the promo section it is strongly advised to uniquely design templates, and this is not at all because they feel sorry for them, but in order that the partner sites rank better and do not fall under the Google partner filter. For the site cannot be brought out from under this filter, and it will not receive traffic at all below it.

The problem with the content is easily solved with the help of freelance exchanges, where copywriters are ready to fill with their own texts for a small price. I recommend to select female students of philological faculties - they get the best texts at a low price.

A support in one of the threads on the forum burned the statistics of the average advert in the peak season:

This is from ~ 20 blogs sharpened under low frequency requests:

Edu-Profit. com - affiliate program for writing essay and any academic work - Profit Hunter

And this is his, but from the doorways:

Edu-Profit. com - affiliate program for writing essay and any academic work - Profit Hunter

In conclusion, I want to say that I will continue to work with Edu-Profit. com, because the results of the effort and the level of return on this niche expressed in $ I am very pleased.

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