Editing and optimization. Module 2. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

Editing and optimization. Module 2. Day 4 - Profit Hunter


Hi gang! Ed is in touch. Wellcome in the 4th lesson.

Separating the process of writing and editing

The biggest mistake that we were taught in school was using these two processes at the same time. This can not be done. Why? Because different hemispheres of the brain are responsible for writing and editing. And we just load it when we write and edit at the same time. You may have noticed how difficult it is to write, when we still correct errors along the way, edit the text. It distracts us, we go astray. In the end, the writing of content tires us and there is no joy. It is crazy!

How to be? While writing text, forget about editing, italicizing or color words. Forget about incomplete commas or periods, or mistakes in words. Forget it! Fill your brain and thoughts with content only. Focus on the text, on the thought that you want to express.

Grammar is the second question. After writing the text, you will reread it. Find some mistakes, maybe some sentences you correct, insert more appropriate words, etc.

In general, you will notice that you will complete the final result of the text faster than if you wrote and edited at the same time. And it does not matter whether English is your native language or not.

Editor in Market Samurai

Let's go back to the program. I have already placed a part of the edited text in the editor. Grammar is also fixed. Still, some people will find 15 problems in this text.

Editing and optimization. Module 2. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

There are just a few key things you need to do. This is tagged. And the Samurai Market program does it perfectly. Remember that I chose the niche Vintage Electric Gutar . I put this keyword in the title and put it at the beginning of the title. Now the article will be titled Vintage Electric Guitar - The Best Performing Investment Guide of the Past Decade . Further, and this is important, it is advisable to mention the keyword in the first paragraph of the article. OK. We use it in the sentence and we mark it in bold .

Some say: "Here, you need to observe the nausea (repeatability) of the keyword in the text. You need no more than 1% ..." Blah blah blah blah blah blah ... If the text is written freely and has optimization, then you will not spoil it like "nausea." Don't bother!

Now let's tag. The Vintage Electric Gutar tag will be required. This is the most important tag. The rest we take on context and tightly related to the main. What kind? Take Les Paul Guitar, Peter Green , etc. These are the names of famous guitarists. It is important that these tags are also used in the text.

The rules are simple: a keyword in the title, in the first paragraph and in bold, and also used as a tag.

Is it possible to use the main keyword several times? Of course, if the text it takes place.

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