Easy money with Globus-inter. How to make money with Globus-inter?

On the Internet, you can really make money and many already know about it, but do not take any action, because they consider that it is too difficult.

There are many simple options for earning, and even a beginner can use them, contributions are not necessary.

Easy money from, this is an ideal option for anyone who has a poor understanding of Internet earnings, but is eager to try their hand at this. This project has a physical address in Ukraine, it is not a scam, but the earnings scheme is transparent and extremely simple.

Easy money with Globus-inter. How to make money with Globus-inter?

How to make money with Globus-inter?

The organizers of this project offer everyone who wants to install a special program, which will periodically open ads in full screen on your site, and if it interests you, you can go to the advertiser's site (this is not necessary).

Every time an advertisement appears, 0.02 hryvnia is charged to your account.

Users can choose from several types of programs for different operating systems. At the moment, the software can be used for Windows, IOS and Android. If you have several devices, add a program to each of them and get paid for every advertisement that appears.

Where does the money come from?

It is not difficult to guess, not only performers, but also advertisers are registered in the system. All who need effective advertising invest their money, and their advertising is presented in full screen from the performers.

Amounts paid are small, so a huge number of advertisers use such a tool.

You can take all the money you earned on various payment systems (including Webmoney) or transfer it to your phone balance.

Profitable Affiliate Program

You can also use the project to earn money on building referral networks. Revenues depend on the number of views of advertising. If only 1 impression is performed per day, the percentages are distributed as follows:

Easy money with Globus-inter. How to make money with Globus-inter?

If the number of views exceeds 10, then the income, of course, will be much more:

Easy money with Globus-inter. How to make money with Globus-inter?

Imagine if you attract 7 people who will actively attract new members and the network will gradually develop to a huge scale. Only a day you can get 8 235 hryvnia, this is serious money, but to come to this result, you will have to work for a long time.

The Globus-inter system appeared in 2013, but few know about its existence , so you have a real chance to attract many active people to your network. Start working with Globus-inter, while using the program to earn money on referrals is not necessary.

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