Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

Fans of investment games already know that birds are sold on the most popular projects and income comes from selling eggs. This story is used most often, because people like it, it's easy to figure it out, and having earned in one game, they easily switch to other, fresh games.

Earning without points in the game Money-Birds pro has already begun to generate revenue for thousands of users. There was a game in March 2017, despite the short period of existence, more than 100,000 rubles have already been withdrawn from it, and in reserve over 1 million. High-quality game with interesting features and familiar interface.

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

scam game

How do they make money in the new game Money Birds?

Besides the fact that the points in the game no (there is no need to invite referrals), so also and donated 50 rubles each for registration . To open a bird farm on the site is easier than ever, you come up with a login, password, enter the mail and start playing. You buy the first bird for bonus money, it costs 5000 silver:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

It has the lowest payback in the game (35% per month), although if you compare conditions on similar sites, this is a solid indicator. Other birds cost more, up to 6000 rubles, their profitability can reach 65%:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

There are no restrictions on the number of birds, buy as many birds as you like, they will all bring on the machine the eggs. Collecting them is allowed at least every 10 minutes, but you can also look into the game once a month. Products are immediately collected in the warehouse and immediately exchanged for game silver:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

As you see, 100 eggs bring 1 silver. Half of the profit goes to the balance for purchases, they need to be used for the development of the farm. The second part can be displayed or exchanged with an additional bonus.

Withdrawing money from Money Birds

Payments without points are ordered, but in order for the function to become active, you will need to deposit in the account from 30 rubles. After that, everything that is collected on the balance sheet for withdrawal can be transferred to an electronic wallet in one of the EPS:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

There is also a withdrawal method - ref. score. It is intended for those who earn on referrals and want to instantly receive payment on Payeer. Recall, to attract new members is not necessary, but it is profitable (the terms of the affiliate program below).

Money Birds Bonuses

The administration of the new game offers users a lot of different freebies. All this allows you to start without investment or get additional funds for development in the game.

The following bonuses are available:

  1. Deposit Bonus - 10% is charged on the first deposit. In addition, give free birds, if you throw a large amount.
  2. Bonus Vkontakte - to get it, you need to become a member of the official group and make a repost of one record.
  3. Daily bonus - brings up to 100 silver per day, collect it every day just by pressing one button.
  4. Bonus for reviews - write reviews about the game on the MMGP forum and get up to 120 coins once a day.

Very soon two additional bonuses will appear in the game - for investors and referrals. Now they are in development, how much money they will bring is still unknown. You can also include 10% in the list of bonuses when exchanging from the balance for withdrawal to the account for purchases. This is useful for reinvesting money.

Other game functions

Active users of the game receive additional bonuses through contests. They take part automatically. Drawings are held between investors and partners, and a percentage of the total amount of deposits (own or referrals) is paid for one of 5 prizes:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

This is a good way to increase revenues in the game, but wishing to become a winner a lot, so you have to try hard. If you are a fan of easy money, it is better to go to the play area. There you will find several gambling for silver. For example, in the lottery you can win 5 times more than you bet:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

In some games, you cannot buy tickets because they are given for certain actions. Each game has a manual, as well as on many other pages of the gaming site. However, newcomers constantly have questions. They can be set through technical support or in online chat with other players:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

The chat is allowed to write messages only to those who have deposited 30 rubles to the balance. But you are still planning to withdraw money from the game, so this deposit will have to be made anyway. The only way to get rid of the need to replenish an account is to make money on surfing sites:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

Everything you earn from viewing sites is equivalent to recharging a balance. We will have to work actively to collect a large amount, it’s good that there are always a lot of offers.

Affiliate Program

In all games with money withdrawal, it is profitable to earn money by attracting new participants.The conditions on Money Birds are extremely simple, a two-level affiliate program of 10% -5%. Money comes not only from deposits of invited players, but also from replenishments of those whom they invite to the game:

Earnings without points playing Money-Birds top (scam)

Not so many promotional materials are available, the usual ref. link. Money immediately available for withdrawal, you can use emergency payments. For beginners I recommend reading the article - how to attract referrals to Goldenbirds. The methods described there are suitable for this game.

With Money Birds, users earn quite well , but so far small amounts are paid (judging by statistics), because the game was launched not so long ago. Given that it has a unique design, many different functions, and the administration plans to add something new, the project has impressive prospects.

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