Earnings without investments on the fruit farm Thebest-fruitfarm

Today, in order to consistently make money on the Internet, you can not do complex work, but invest money in games.

There are quite a few quality projects on which it is offered with minimal investments (or without them) to play and get a profit.

In this article we will tell you about an interesting game that has been running for more than 300 days.

Earnings without investing on a fruit farm with a game is a great option for all lovers of investment projects. You can play with or without attachments, because after registration, seedlings are given and you can start developing your own orchard with them.

Earnings without investments on the fruit farm Thebest-fruitfarm

Thebest-fruitfarm game

Each player, after registering, can go to his farm and make sure that he got a few seedlings. This is displayed in the store, under the cost of any tree:

Earnings without investments on the fruit farm Thebest-fruitfarm

As you can see, the system has provided 20 seedlings of the cheapest plants. All of them have already been planted, and you can collect the fruits:

Earnings without investments on the fruit farm Thebest-fruitfarm

After collecting, all the fruits are sent to the warehouse, where they can be sold for silver. It is easy to do, and after the sale, 90% of silver is immediately sent to the balance to withdraw money, the remaining 10% go to the account for purchases:

Earnings without investments on the fruit farm Thebest-fruitfarm

The balance for withdrawal quickly accumulates The amount of 50 rubles, which is the minimum threshold for payment.

Bonuses from Thebest-fruitfarm

This game has a wide range of bonuses that will help you gain silver more quickly to remove it from the system. At the moment, you can get the following bonuses:

  • bonus seedlings for top-up balance (the larger the amount, the larger and more expensive the seedlings);
  • balance bonus for purchases is given to everyone who replenishes account for the last 15 days;
  • one more bonus (a little more) is given to the participants who replenished the account for a week;
  • the more time you spend on the site, the more you will receive a "Time Bonus";
  • affiliate bonus is paid every 10 minutes to those who drew from 50 referrals and received from them at least 200,000 silver;
  • bonus for beginners issuing for each withdrawal from 50 to 500 rubles;
  • a bonus for leaders is given to everyone who withdraws from the system from 1 to 16 thousand rubles;
  • bonus referral players can receive every 4 hours if they replenish an account of more than 65,000 rubles, or will earn on referrals at least 150,000,000 silver.

As you can see, in most cases, you need to replenish the balance in order to receive the bonus. This can be done with any payment system via Payeer. Exchange rate - 1 ruble = 10,000 silver.

Thebest-fruitfarm game does not use payment points, so you do not need to bring referrals here.

However, there are conditions for receiving payments - this is putting into the game at least 1000 rubles or attracting referrals, which will bring 5,000,000 silver. After fulfilling one of the conditions, you can order a payment of any amount at any time.

In general, this is a simple game, and most importantly, there are no payment points here. Of course, you will have to work hard to fulfill one of the conditions for receiving payments, but in the future you will not wait until someone from the referrals replenishes the balance so that you can withdraw money.

In the meantime, you will be developing, with the help of additional games of the National Security Committee, auctions and lotteries you can have fun.

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