Earnings with YOXA. How to issue a loan for YOXA?

The issuance of loans on the Internet is another profitable niche in which you can earn well.

If you have money and as long as you don’t need it urgently, just give it to another person for credit at interest. In order to get your money back guaranteed, it’s enough to use specialized services.

Earnings on loans offered to everyone. Even registering on this site is not necessary, as you can log in using social networks.

Externally, it strongly resembles a Webtransfer, and it is no different in the earnings scheme. Now there are almost half a million participants registered, and the amount of transactions is approaching $ 22 million.

Earnings with YOXA. How to issue a loan for YOXA?

How to make money on YOXA?

To discover all the features of this service, you will need to go verification. When you log in via social networks, immediately go to the verification section and submit the necessary documents:

  • passport scan (registration and photo page);
  • passport photo;
  • certificate of residence;
  • receipt of payment of utilities.

Until you pass this test, the functions of receiving and issuing loans will be closed for you. Passing it is not difficult, and documents are checked quickly .

How to issue a loan for YOXA?

When your data is verified, go to the replenishment section and deposit funds into the balance. There are many different ways to do this:

Earnings with YOXA. How to issue a loan for YOXA?

The minimum loan amount is $ 10, so replenish your account with a large amount. After making a deposit, go to the "Attach" tab and fill out the form.

You will need to specify the amount, select the account, select the repayment term and the interest on the loan, the online calculator immediately calculates everything:

Earnings with YOXA. How to issue a loan for YOXA?

When issuing a loan, be sure to use the function Hedge. From your profit will be written off 50% of the total reserve.

It is necessary in order to pay money to investors who are faced with scammers. Simply put, if you do not want to return the loan, the administration will independently transfer the money.

Always use the hedge function, as the risks of facing fraudsters are too high.

The YOXA project offers several additional tools that you should be aware of. On the stock exchange you can see the available applications for filing and issuing loans.

Arbitrage - a loan is provided at a small percentage so that you can issue loans. Due to the collected profits, you will pay the arbitration loan.

YOXA Affiliate Program

With this project you can earn from referrals. In the "Promo" section there are several types of banners and a regular link. It is possible to attract people in different ways, and the percentage of deductions depends on the partner’s status:

  1. Consultant - gets 50% of the profit from transactions of attracted clients (5% from second-level referrals).
  2. Financial advisor - the status is given out if the referrals team issues loans in excess of $ 30,000. From the second level, the percentage does not change, and from the first comes already 60%.
  3. Financial Advisor - you will receive this status when the total amount of loans issued by referrals exceeds $ 100,000. At 5% comes from the second level and 65% from the first level. Also, with this status, you will receive the right to participate in the shares of the consumer network.
  4. Development Director - having received this status, you will advise clients on various issues. It is issued only to those whose team has issued loans worth over $ 500,000. Percentage change only for the first level - rises to 70%.

Even if you decide to make money on loans, do not refuse to use an affiliate program. This will perfectly complement your profit, and you can invite people by any means.

In addition, this method helps to quickly dial the minimum for withdrawal of $ 50, which can be transferred to Payeer and Perfect Money:

Earnings with YOXA. How to issue a loan for YOXA?

Money comes, the project is fair . If you want to get maximum passive profits, provide loans of $ 1000 for 60 days . These are maximum terms and amounts, although you can create several applications at once, as professionals do.

Now YOXA continues to develop and pay money to its customers. The project is excellent, and besides it, I use many other investment systems.

For example, a game that brings me more than 10,000 rubles every day. Of course, I had to invest well and actively invite people to the project, but now, without doing anything, I get a huge income.

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