Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

How do experienced users manage to earn decent money on the Internet? There are 2 directions here - to create one huge project (for example, a website) or to use multiple systems, collecting small amounts from each of them.

Develop one project for too long, and beginners can use a huge number of systems, collecting decent money.

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (scam) - 1 cent for surfing and 100% referral fees. These two reasons are already enough to register on the project. The service is foreign, but it is easy to use. To make it easy for beginners to understand, we will tell how to register here and what you need to do .

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

The project is closed!

A side job on the Internet with Trafficmonsoon

As in any other system, for starters You will need to register on the site. The form is presented in English:

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

Enter the first and last name, specify the phone number and contact Email. In section Account information , you need to come up with a login. Below are 2 passwords, one to enter the profile, the second to confirm financial transactions (you can use the same).

Also during registration, you must specify the Email from which you are registered in Payza or PayPal (leave the Solid Trust Pay field empty):

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

As we have said, the project is foreign, so here you can withdraw funds only to world-wide payment systems.

Do not worry that you will not be able to withdraw this money. When you get them to your wallet, find the exchanger through BestChange and get funds for Webmoney, Yandex. Money or even a bank card.

How to make money on Trafficmonsoon?

When you first enter the site, an advertising platform will open, you need to watch it in just 10 seconds. After that, you will be taken to your account, from where you can go straight to earning:

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

These are the blocks you see inside your account, you will need to click a button and browse sites. Every day comes about 10 suggestions for viewing sites.

As for the referral program, here 100% referral is paid, there are no such conditions anywhere else. To attract referrals, you can use templates or order the development of the original promotional material:

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

You will open this form after going to the section " My Banners " and clicking on the button to create a new banner.

Referral fees come only to those users who have watched 10 sites per day for surfing.

In order to get income from your referrals, spend 10 minutes and go to your account. On the profile page you will find the following button:

Earnings with Trafficmonsoon (project is closed)

Press Start Surfing and browse 10 sites with a timer of 20 seconds. Each time you have to enter a simple captcha. Money is not paid for it, but they give loans that can be spent on the traffic to your site.

To withdraw money from Trafficmonsoon you need to dial a total of 2 $ (minimum threshold).

How much can you earn with this service is impossible to assume, in any case, the conditions are more favorable than on Runet counterparts. Even if you will not attract referrals here, additional income from surfing will quickly bring you the minimum amount for withdrawal.

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